How To Cleanse and Care For Your Crystals

Can a crystal hold bad energy?

Crystals are powerful healers; in the process of that, they can absorb the emotional states and energies that we are releasing. Signs that a crystal is getting depleted and holding onto those energies include cloudiness, feeling heavier, or a noticeable change in the energy coming from the crystal. This does not mean that by touching that crystal we absorb that negativity again; but rather, our crystal is not as effective of a healer next time we need it.

Just like we can release our negative energies, we can cleanse them out of our crystals. See the article below to learn how to refresh your crystal and charge it.

Caring for your crystal

We humans have a lot in common with crystals. We both share our energy with others and thus, we both need to recharge from time to time. We both benefit from time spent outside, both under the sun and the moon; most importantly, we both could be cleaned from time to time. Our basic needs are based on what we’re made of as people; the same is true for crystals.

Just like we get burnt out when we give too much or overwork, crystals can lose their energy over time. Crystals give us signs when they’re ready for a reset, such as:

  • Appearing cloudier or smudged
  • Feeling physically heavier
  • A different energetic feeling when you pick up your crystal- this may mean that the battery is low and needs a charge

There are two steps to the process. First, we have to clear away the negative energy. Just like we wash off the dirt and grime at the end of the day, we need to cleanse all the heaviness off of our crystals. Then, we charge the crystals, or restock their energy stores. There are some cleansing and charging methods that require you to know your stones very well, as their composition could be affected by water, salt, or sunlight. Here are some of the easiest and most fool-proof methods to cleanse and recharge your crystals:

Cleanse and recharge with an intention

Just like affirmations can change our internal state, the same is true for crystals! While holding or keeping hands over the crystal, set an intention that your crystals be cleansed and reset to their full potential. Repeat the intention until you start to feel the energy return to your crystals.

Third Eye Visualization

Visualize a bright white light coming out of your third eye (between your eyebrows) that will cleanse negative energy and recharge your crystals. Bring your crystals one-by-one to your third eye, waiting to feel the energy return to your crystal. If you have difficulty visualizing on your own, it may help to listen to a “third eye” guided meditation to get you in the mindset.

Smudge Them

You can cleanse your crystals using your favorite energy cleanser. White sage is most effective to clear negative energy. Light your smudger-of-choice, let the flames go out, and pass the crystals through the smoke being emitted. To recharge, consider any of the other methods listed, like setting an intention after the smudging.

Try a Moon Bath

Many crystals charge in moonlight,and those that don’t often charge from being around other crystals! This is particularly powerful during the full moon. Safe for all crystals as long as it isn’t going to rain. If you can’t get them safely outside, a windowsill will do just fine.

Or a Sun Bath!

Letting your crystals charge in a window or outside on a sunny day is also a powerful way to reset them! No sunscreen necessary, but avoid this strategy with opal, celestite, amethyst, or turquoise to prevent color fading.

Cleansing and recharging can happen as needed if you notice any of the symptoms I listed above; however, if you’re new to crystals those signs might not be as obvious. It can be helpful to make a habit of cleansing and charging upit stones every full moon with a moon bath, either outside or in the windowsill if there’s a chance of bad weather. This way it’s easy to remember.

There are several other ways that require some research for proceeding, such as burying in dirt, using water, or immersing in sea salt. Before attempting those, please look up what composes your crystals on our website, to ensure that you’re protecting, not depleting, your crystal.

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