New Moon Rituals

A new moon marks the first stage of a new lunar cycle.  This is a time of beginnings, fresh starts and conceiving new ideas.  The new moon lasts for about three days.  At first the new moon is cloaked in invisibility, as it rests between the sun and the Earth, but a glimpse of light can be seen as it transitions into the waxing crescent phase.  The new moon is an excellent time to review what is not working for you, and how you would like to make it better; this is also the ideal time to plant seeds.

Clear the Air:  Cleansing Rituals

As the new moon clears the way for new ideas, it is only appropriate to start with a fresh slate.  Deep cleaning during the new moon clears out residual energy, creating more space for you to bring in what you want.  In addition to basic cleaning tasks, consider working with smoke cleansing, as the new moon is connected to the air element.  When cleansing your house with smoke, be sure to cleanse from top to bottom, and from the front of the house to the back of the house; it is vital to open windows while cleansing, as it is believed this permits negative energy to leave.  Windows may be closed once the cleansing item is completely done burning, and the smoke has cleared from the space.

Manifestation Visualization

Set the tone for the rest of the lunar cycle by creating a vision board.  Creating a collage or using Pinterest helps to gather all of your ideas in a single place for you to review.  Cultivating a vision board with a specific intention is a creative way of manifesting that you can look back on, and add to.  If you create a physical vision board, place it somewhere you can see it each day.

Subconscious Connection

Deepen your intuitive connection during the new moon by setting time aside to simply daydream.  If letting go is a difficult task, set a timer and allow yourself to drift, knowing that you will be called back when the time is up.  Find a comfortable space and notice what thoughts arise.  If something makes you uncomfortable, consider delving deeper into that feeling to see how you can better adjust it; if a thought is overwhelming, decide to let it go as easily as it came.  Notice your breathing, and where your body is holding tension; bring a breath to that space.  Keeping a notebook by your side to record any great epiphanies or potential projects is a great way to download your thoughts.

New Moon Tarot

Tarot opens up our ability to recognize the energy in our space, as well as potential ideas and new ways of seeing a situation.  Expand your new moon practice by pulling a few cards using these prompts:

  • What new beginnings can I look forward to?
  • Where can I explore new ways of being?
  • What blocks can I work through to better connect to my intuition?
  • How can I set the tone this new moon?

If a message is unclear, ask your deck for a clarifying card, shuffle, and pull another.

New Moon Crystals

Amplify the energy of higher thinking with fluorite, kunzite, Celestite or clear quartz.  These crystals activate the upper chakras, increasing intuitive abilities, and creating a clear headspace.  Holding a crystal in your left hand, or receiving hand, allows your body to absorb the energy.  As you hold your crystal, notice any sensations that arise; do you feel light headed, whimsical, brighter?  Pair your high vibrational stone with a grounding stone to add balance.  Grounding with hematite is an excellent way to release any residual energy, and allow the root chakra to feel stable and secure.

New Moon

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