Past Life Crystals

Accessing past lives can provide information, illuminate subconscious themes and deepen your meditation practice.  Exploring past lives with curiosity creates an opportunity for intuitive expansion.  Set the tone for your past life meditation with crystals attuned to your specific intention.

Onyx is a grounding, protective stone, providing stability and balance.  Including a grounding principal in a past life meditation assists in setting a grounded environment, enabling the release of energy while maintaining connection to the physical realm.  

When accessing past lives, Onyx helps to address, heal and release past life wounds and traumas; this includes physical ailments and injuries.  Onyx is also beneficial for increasing self-confidence, releasing old habits, making decisions, releasing grief and balancing yin and yang.

Hawk's Eye is excellent for increasing clarity during a past life reading.  Working with Hawk's Eye increases insight and clairvoyance, as well as bringing internal conflicts that need resolving to the surface.  Provide a deeper past life reading with help from Hawk's Eye, and release habits, behaviors and mindsets that no longer serve you.  This healing stone is especially helpful when exploring difficult emotions and diseases from past lives.

Unakite's ability to access the source of a problem and provide insight makes it essential for past life healing; working with this stone helps to release anger and grief.  Associated with Scorpio and the third eye chakra, Unakite transforms one's perspective through analysis and metamorphosis.  Incorporating Unakite into a past life meditation creates a grounding, yet insightful tone.  This stone is also associated with healing the reproductive system, making it ideal for healing any past life wounding of reproductive organs.

Rhodonite is a beautiful pink stone that helps with healing emotional wounds from past lives.  Abandonment and betrayal are transmuted with ease, leaving more space for compassion and forgiveness.  This stone activates the heart and solar plexus chakras, creating an empowering effect.  Meditating with Rhodonite helps one to tune in deeper to what the soul needs to heal, encouraging acceptance and self-healing.  Radiating a nurturing energy, Rhodonite is an encouraging and supportive healing stone to work with when undergoing transformation.

Orange Selenite, or Peach Selenite, is an uplifting, high-vibrational crystal to include in past life exploration.  Orange Selenite activates and cleanses all chakras, especially the solar plexus and sacral chakras.  Infuse past life readings with creativity and insight, or delve deeply into emotional trauma for review and transmutation.  Orange Selenite's high vibration helps to create ease and flexibility during past life healing sessions focused on betrayal, abandonment, rejection or alienation.  Release, revitalize and more forward with Orange Selenite!

Experiment with what crystals and healing stones work best for you; consider pairing a grounding stone with a high vibrational crystal!  A grounding stone can provide a centered foundation for your past life meditation, while the high vibrational crystal opens up divine connection, increasing information received.  Stay tuned for part two!

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