The Beginners Guide to Meditation Grids

What is a grid? How can it help me? How do I make one? These are all common questions that we are asked when people commonly see a crystal grid for the first time. When we first started our crystal journey, we too were intimidated by the so-called complexity of a crystal grid. Once we realized that it was a channel to allow our stones and their energies to connect, we were hooked!

What is a crystal grid?

A grid can be anything you want it to be! There is no "cookie cutter" shapes, patterns, or designs you have to stick to. The formations that you place your crystals into can be any shape or design that feels right to you. Premade crystal grids are guides to help you place your crystals in certain formations, but they are not necessary. Any time you place your crystals in an intended order or sequence your subconscious mind is linking a bond between these stones and their energies. Even when you place your crystals by your bedside at night, the pattern you place them in is a grid, its as easy as that!

How can a crystal grid help me?

A grid can help you by:

  • Enhancing your intentions
  • Clearing you chakras
  • Charging your stones
  • Strengthening smaller & more rare stones

Enhancing Your Intentions

Often times, when you're working with a crystal, you're looking to attract a certain intention. Whether it be creativity, psychic abilities, or manifesting your dreams, a crystal grid can amplify these desires. To focus on an intention, you should place stones of similar energies within a grid alongside enhancing stones (Quartz & Selenite). This will strengthen the energy of the stone that contains your intention as well as be a daily reminder of your goals you would like to achieve. Meditating in front of your newly created grid will also help solidify the aspiration that you are working towards. 

Clearing Your Chakras

Our chakra system is a unique structure that is within all of us. It is the foundation of who we are, and is responsible for keeping our emotional body in check. Meditating with a grid can be an easy way to help clear your chakra system of any blockages that may be affecting your aura. Placing specific cleansing and re-aligning stones within your grid will not only help, but also strengthen your entire emotional body. We advise you to reavluate your inner-self to truly understand what area of the body may be affecting you. For example, if you are constantly emotionally absorbed into your heart and cannot seem to calm your way of thinking, we recommend focusing on your heart chakra. You can do this by creating a grid focused on heart chakra stones and meditating in front of it. If you feel as though your entire chakra system needs a bit of a realignment, place a stone from each chakra within the grid to help you experience a full-bodied cleansing. 

Charging Your Stone

It's not uncommon for people to feel as though their crystals havent worked and are "out of batteries". We've been there before, and one way to ensure your stone is full of positive bearing energy is to charge it within a crystal grid. Place the stone that you would like to charge in the center of your grid, then place charging stones around that piece. Common charging stones are any high vibrational stone such as Selenite, Phenacite, Quartz, & Desert Rose Selenite. For an extra boost of energy, you can place your grid outside by the moonlight!

Strengthening Smaller Stones

Rare minerals are some of the most powerful stones that you can come in contact with. Unfortunately, they often come with a hefty price tag, so the piece you're most likely able to purchase will be on the smaller side. Just because the stone is small, doesn't mean it isn't powerful. Placing the stone in a grid that is full of strengthening and enhancing crystals will amplify its energies. These grids can make a small, but powerful fragment of a crystal feel as large as the stones around it! Some rare crystals we've put in our grids our Moldavite, Epidote, Cavansite, & Creedite.

How Do I Make a Grid?

As stated above, YOU are the creator of your grid. Make something that feels right to you in the moment, don't base your creation off others opinions or ideas of what a grid should look like. You know your potential and where you would like to be in life in your subconscious mind. Let your mind work and feel out what sequence feels best for you! 

We'd love to see your grid creations, so email us at and share them with us!


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