The Complete Guide to Crystals Part 1

It's hard to jump into the crystal world when there is so much information at hand! We've created this guide to introduce crystals to anyone who may be curious about their energies they gift us with. This is Part 1 of a 3 part guide that will guide your hand into the amazing world of crystals. Have fun on your journey below!

Is this really just a rock?

People have believed in the power of crystals for thousands of years.  What makes them so special? When looking at a crystal under a microscope, crystals are composed of symmetrical, geometrical shapes, which some refer to as sacred geometry.  Under a microscope, their molecular makeup is reminiscent of kaleidoscopes because of their pattern and beauty.  

The precise formation of crystals is just part of what distinguishes them from your average stone.  Crystals are formed under great pressure and out of a variety of substances found in the earth’s core; thus, they embody the chemical energy of their process of creation.   This is why crystals are believed to inhabit stronger, more dynamic energy than your everyday rock.  Crystals bring earthly and spiritual energy into our lives because of their formation history.

What makes crystals different from one another?

The differences between crystals arise from both their composition process, as well as the energy they contain.  Those differences overlap; the process of crystal formation is what determines the properties and energy that the crystal carries.  What are some of those properties?

  • Chemical composition: Crystals are made under deep pressure from within the Earth.  What a crystal is made of is determined by the elements present, temperatures, and length of time under that pressure.  This impacts many of the other distinguishing features listed below.
  • Molecular formation: When crystals are formed, their molecules are arranged in beautiful geometric shapes. Those that study crystals have noticed that the shapes formed by those molecules impact the energy of that crystal.  For example, while cube shaped molecules are associated with grounding energies, dodecahedron (12-side) molecules are associated with emotional flow.
  • Color: The beauty and rich colors of each crystal are important properties that indicate not only what it is made of, but also what healing properties it contains.  Certain colors can provide us guidelines for the energy of the crystal.  For example, black crystals tend to be related to protection/grounding, while purple crystals tend to be related to insight/intuition.  If you’re newer to the world of crystals, many times crystal colors can relate to the chakra they connect to.
  • Energy: Each crystal has a particular combination of elements that gives it unique energy.  This can be impacted by the properties, zodiac sign, chakra, planet, and element it represents.  See “what does it mean when a crystal chooses me?” to learn more about it.

Like humans, each crystal has many facets and information to learn about it.  Use the Crystal Council’s search engine to know your crystal’s unique properties.

What does it mean when a crystal chooses me?

Be it scrolling the Crystal Council website, or walking by a display in a store, we might find ourselves drawn to a particular crystal.  What is it about a specific crystal that calls to us? Typically, it has to do with what properties that crystal heals.  Whether we are aware or not, the crystal likely provides healing that we could benefit from.  If you find yourself attracted to a crystal, but aren’t sure why, here are some possible reasons:

  • Chakra healing: Is this crystal associated with a certain energy center on the body? A crystal may be calling to us because our chakra is out of alignment.  The crystal may want to help heal that and is calling to you to do so.  It can be helpful to place that crystal onto that chakra in order to use its healing properties
  • The energy: Some crystals project specific energy, such as protection, healing, love, confidence, abundance, or many others.  We might be attracted to the crystal because it is an energy we need to amplify in our lives.  
  • Zodiac alignment: Is this crystal associated with a zodiac sign in your chart? Perhaps this is an energy that we could benefit from tapping into right now.  The crystal might call to you as a way to align with that aspect of your being.
  • Planetary energy: The planets around us are in motion, impacting the energy of our world.  The crystal may call to you because that planet is playing a prominent role in the cosmic energy.  It may either amplify that planet’s energy (if that’s what we need), or help us to maneuver through more challenging energy (such as Mercury retrograde).  
  • Element: Crystals also can bring the energy of the different elements: air, water, earth, and fire.  Is there something about that element we could benefit from? Perhaps that’s why we’re attracted to that crystal.
  • Sacred Numerology: In the spiritual world, numbers have specific meaning and energies, and certain crystals are associated with those numbers.  If a crystal is calling to you, perhaps it’s telling you a sacred number that is significant to your life right now.

    While there are many paths that might lead us to a crystal, the underlying reason behind the attraction is that this crystal has something to offer and heal us with.  Explore our main page to explore these different crystal properties and see why that specific energy is calling to you.

Stay Tuned For Part 2!

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