The One With the Crystals

An iconic show, Friends features six different personalities that create the ultimate hang out group.  The rewatch-value of Friends is excellent, because each character is so unique and enigmatic.  Embody the energy of one of your favorite characters to raise confidence, connect more deeply with an aspect that is unfamiliar to you, or explore communication from a new standpoint.  If you find you connect with a certain character's difficulties or negative traits, balance that energy out by neutralizing it!

Monica is energetic, organized and ready to give a project her all, and leadership roles come easy to her.  Fire Agate is ruled by Mercury and associated with Aries.  A supportive grounding stone, Fire Agate deepens the connection to Earth energy, specifically the fire element.  Increase energy during bouts of burnout, inspire self-confidence and amp up analytical abilities.

In an unbalanced state, Monica can be overindulgent, competitive and overbearing.  Hematite assists in the release of energy, helping to create balance and clarity.  This protective stone is ruled by Saturn, and associated with both Aries and Aquarius.  Hematite is beneficial for releasing compulsive behaviors, including addictions ranging from smoking to overeating.  This grounding stone quells anxiety, providing tranquility and stability.

Phoebe is whimsical, intuitive, expressive and has a multi-faceted, adaptive approach to life's problems.  Quantum Quattro is a magical, transformative healing stone.  Activate and connect the upper chakras to encourage communication of authentic self expression, intuitive insight and inner strength.  Quantum Quattro bridges connection between emotion and action, bringing down ideas to actualize them in the physical realm.  This high vibrational healing stone also amplifies the notion of interconnectedness between all things.

In an unbalanced state, Phoebe can be unrealistic and ungrounded.  Phoebe is a professional masseuse, and encounters various energies in her line of work.  Shungite anchors energy into the physical body, providing emotional relief with a grounding sensation.  This protective stone absorbs negative energy, electromagnetic stress and even viruses and bacteria.

Rachel is an aesthetically inclined, upbeat, hopeless romantic, who is always ready to join her friends for a fun adventure.  Strawberry Quartz radiates love, living in the moment and authentic joy.  This stone infuses a space with lightheartedness, creating space for amusement and heart-centered connection.  Strawberry Quartz is a rare stone which activates the heart chakra, and is associated with Libra.

In an unbalanced state, Rachel can be indecisive, extremely closed off and feel unable to disconnect from previous romantic partners.  Rainbow Obsidian is a protective healing stone that assists with releasing energetic cords from past relationships and traumas.  Working with this stone encourages one to view situations from various perspectives and gain further insight through clarity.  Rainbow Obsidian helps with healing after a break-up, encouraging compassion for oneself and others.

Ross is analytical, intellectual and committed to being a caring father and friend.

Stichtite provides a gentle healing vibration, guiding one towards their soul purpose with an open mind.  This stone is beneficial for those who feel lonely, live alone, or are experiencing an isolated state of being; Stitchtite is an excellent companion stone, activating the heart chakra and encouraging the release of past discouragement, guilt and heartache.

In an unbalanced state, Ross may be obsessive, possessive and selfish.  Botswana Agate ushers in new beginnings, releasing fear of failure and encouraging artistic expression.  Release energetic cords from exes, family members and co-workers while protecting your aura with the help of Botswana Agate.  A stone of solutions and transformative thinking, Botswana Agate increases clarity, expands perspective and inspires creativity.

Chandler is witty, humorous and a generous roommate to Joey.  Dumortierite activates the throat and the thrid eye chakras, encouraging articulation of thoughts with quick-witted ease.  This stone is helpful for those aiming to live more in the present moment and find the joy in life.  Dumortierite lightens the mood, radiating a positive energy, easing depression and fear-based mindsets.

In an unbalanced state, Chandler is anxious, emotionally unavailable and unable to release childhood trauma relating to his parents and their divorce.  Mangano Calcite is a pink healing stone that activates and balances the heart chakra, encouraging compassion, forgiveness and growth through the release of fear and grief.  Keeping Mangano Calcite on you, or meditating with it can assist with easing tension and pent up emotions, bringing a lightness to heavy topics.

Joey is charismatic, confident and protective of his friends and their emotions; as an actor, he is able to project energy outward in an enigmatic way.  Orange Calcite provides a vibrant energy boost, awakening energy in the lower chakras, specifically the root and sacral.  Stimulate creativity, passion and excitement for life while releasing stagnant energy and stress.  Orange calcite awakens personal magnetism and encourages reproductive health.

In an unbalanced state, Joey may be over-confident and overindulgent with things that bring him pleasure.  Onyx creates balance, encourages stability and the release of unhealthy habits and behaviors.  This grounding stone is associated with Mars and Saturn, making it an optimal specimen for transformation.  Onyx helps to create a strong internal foundation and select the best next step when making a decision.

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