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With the longer nights and colder temperatures of winter approaching, our natural inclination is to hibernate and huddle. This is the season for cozy drinks, warm clothes, and preparing for the chill to arrive. With that, our bodies may feel more tired and we might not have the same energy for our day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, with our responsibilities, we might not get to rest quite as much as we’d like to. If we do have to wake up, there are strategies for that!

I am a sleep and energy enthusiast, to say the least. As someone who has spent a lot of time figuring out how to feel more awake during the day and sleep better at night, my arsenal of energy-related tools is quite large. It makes sense that I was attracted to crystals, a natural source of energy. While caffeine and other supplements can provide us with the momentary buzz we need to power through an obstacle, the withdrawal and cost can feel less-than-stellar. Let’s talk about some ways that we can find energy when we need it and use crystals to help!

  • Give yourself enough time to wake up! Many times when we’re sleepy, we hit the snooze button again and again. While in the moment it feels right, studies show that those few minutes of extra sleep don’t increase our feelings of alertness. Further, we rush our body into productive mode before it’s ready! Set your alarm about 15 minutes early and build in some time to let your body wake up a bit more before you’re on the move. Throw some Carnelian in your pocket or on as jewelry to energize you!

  • Get a well-balanced breakfast. While we hear it on every cereal advertisement, fast breakfast options might seem more convenient when we aren’t awake enough to cook. What we put into our body fuels it, so consider some healthy options you can prep in advance that hit all the major food groups! Why not boost those energetic properties by keeping some Fluorite at the table to focus and energize you.

  • Exercise in the morning! This might seem backwards for increasing our energy. Our bodies, if not getting enough exercise, can feel more tired and drained. Use those muscles for a quick walk, yoga, or even just stretching to get the juices flowing and benefit from an endorphin burst Throw some Ruby in your gym bag to increase blood flow and stamina.

  • Affirm yourself. Positive affirmations have such a powerful impact on our mindset. It can set the tone for our day and get us in the zone to buckle down and power through our day. Think of it like the pep talk to charge you up for the day! Hold onto some Amber for inner power while repeating a favorite energizing affirmation before you get out of bed, such as “I am energized!” or “I am ready for my day!”

  • Be kind to yourself. Sometimes we are so exhausted that to feel awake, we actually have to be kind and give ourselves some rest. Amethyst is a powerful healer of emotional weight. Hold it or place it on your heart while meditating to release some of what is wearing you down.

These are just a few ideas. The most important thing with crystals is to really examine how you feel when you hold or surround yourself with them. This list is not exhaustive- if another type of crystal helps you to feel ready to charge into your day, create your own pump-up ritual for the morning! Leave your ideas in the comments, you never know who you could be helping.

Diana Fuller is the host of Watered Grass, a podcast that introduces different self-care services and strategies. She is also a children’s yoga instructor and co-founder of Self & Sisters, a self-care platform for women. You can find out more at and

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