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Science & Origin

Amber, often referred to as Copal, is a botanical tree resin filled with a medley of hydro carbonic material. Technically the geological community does not define Amber as a crystal due to its creation stemming from organic matter. Most Amber is formed from trees that existed 40 to 120 million years ago. The oldest known piece of Amber dates back to 320 million years ago! This historical piece was found in 2009 in an Illinois (USA) coal mine. The largest deposits of Amber are located in the Baltic region of Europe, western Asia as well as Königsberg, Russia. It is believed that upwards of 90% of the Amber that can be extracted comes out of the Russian region. Pieces are found by waves ripping up fragments from the seafloor and casting them onto the shoreline. Other important localities of Amber include Northern Myanmar (Kachin State), Western Ukraine, and the Dominican Republic. Amber is commonly found in its golden solar hue, but can also appear as a deep black, grey, or blue. Amber has also been referenced as Lyncurius due to its similar appearance to the solidified urine of a Lynx cat.

Amber is one of the first substances ever used by man. Evidence has been found of Amber’s use in the Neolithic era (12,000 years ago). It has been referenced in historical texts such as, The Odyssey by Homer. Amber’s main uses are in jewelry, amulets, and trinkets in the hopes of healing and warding off negative deities. These medicinal properties also extended in ancient times all across the globe. Pieces were found within Egyptian tombs, sacred Indian temples, and historic Asian prayer sites. In ancient and modern Chinese medicine, Amber is believed to have an abundance of healing properties. These soothing and rejuvenating effects are believed to treat epilepsy, blood disorders, amnesia, urinary disorders, and blood stasis. It is commonly ground up into a powder and digested when used as a treatment. If you’re interested in learning more about the Chinese uses, look into research by Wang Yuxia or Jiao Shude.

Insects Within Amber

If you are lucky enough, you may find an ancient insect, animal, or plant matter included within your hardened piece of Amber. These encased biological particles allow researchers to take a closer look into ancient life. They also help with the study of extinct species and matter from our primordial world. Over 1,300 species have been discovered from Burmese Amber located within the Kachin State of Myanmar.


Amber vs. Copal

Copal is the name given to a specific resin from the Protium Copal (Burseraceae) tree which grew throughout the middle Americas. Copal resin can also be found in the Hymenaea Verrucosa (Fabaceae) tree located within East Africa. It was heavily used and traded throughout the European middle ages. Its uses ranged from medicinal purposes to jewelry as well as a popular ingredient for wood polish. It has been said that the ancient Mayans burned Copal as a natural incense for ritualistic practices. Recently scientists have conducted studies and found an anti-anxiety effect on animals that were exposed to Copal. You can tell the difference between Copal and Amber by referencing its color. Amber, mainly due to its age, has a much more rich and dark golden hue. Copal, on the other hand, can be extremely light yellow and may even appear colorless.

Meaning & Energy

Amber resonates directly with the solar plexus and sacral chakra system. Your intuition begins to shine bright when working with (or even wearing) this piece daily. Your second brain, located within your gut, houses almost every attribute that makes you who you are. Without constant use and expansion of your own personal knowledge, these defining parts of who you are can slowly become stagnant through inactivity. Amber re-educates you on how to express your emotional body and channel your true inner being. Growth will become engaged both internally and externally. Change and discomfort (the good kind) are forced into your mental perspective to induce a rapid development of your inner self.

When working with Amber, do not forget that what you hold in your hands is a piece of ancient matter that formed in an entirely different world. The energies within old Earth were extremely volatile and housed potent life-force vitality. Elements within that time allowed for giant beings, creatures, animals, and trees to grow and flourish. You too are able to harness this energy that once provided the necessary nutrients for this unexplainable growth. Begin your meditating session with your favorite piece of Amber and observe your life path enhancing before your eyes! We especially recommend bringing this stone to your workouts or gym sessions.

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