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Science & Origin of Sherbet Calcite

Sherbet Calcite is a calcium carbonate variety of Calcite that was recently discovered in 2022. Its type locality is in the island nation of Madagascar and is expected to be very popular due to its unique color & banding patterns. We are fortunate enough to know the individual that named this stone, and are excited to share its new energies with the world! With each new stone that is found, we believe that there is a purpose behind its discovery and energetic value. Sherbet Calcite is ushering us into the new year; one full of creativity, abundance, joy, and strength!

Sherbet Calcite
Sherbet Calcite

Meaning & Energy

Sherbet Calcite helps you gather your energies and channel them into acts of physical expression. It’s the perfect stone to use when trying to unlock and unleash one's creative or sexual energies. This calcite variety is one of the very few crystals that help circulate these energies throughout the body, assisting in removing certain blockages when needed. When our creative and sexual energies are flowing freely, we become more comfortable with ourselves and the current action at hand. This usually leads to an increase in confidence, self-esteem, and how we express ourselves to others around us. We encourage you to indulge in these new energies with us and would love to hear about your own experience with this stone!

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