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Diamond is a stone of beauty and perfection. The fact that a diamond can only be shaped and cut with another diamond shows the strength and power of the stone. Its hardness comes from the carbon atoms within it bonding strongly together, making the stone indestructible. Diamond in its most natural form is a beutiful clear color, a stone that many people around the world treasure, not just for its healing properties but its value as well.

Throughout time Diamond has been considered the stone of winners and is said to offer access to Divine energy. This is why royalty or people in high power such as kings, queens, emperors, and pharaohs wore diamonds on their clothing or head pieces. These individuals were viewed by others as beings of higher power that have the ability to channel Divine energy. In current times diamond is used mostly for adornment because of its representation of sheer beauty and brilliance. Many people have come to know Diamonds as tokens of love and relationships as it is usually placed in wedding and engagement rings. “A diamond is forever” a popular line I'm sure we all have heard in our lives. Diamonds are also popular as a fashion piece often worn in the forms of earnings, necklaces, bracelets but they are also symbols of care and tenderness, which is representative of its known beuty and brilliance. 

Diamond is a high frequency stone that can open all chakra channels giving out positive healing properties. It is closely associated with the 7th chakra (crown) as it unites the mind and body into one and is able to help us reach deep inside of our conscious mind and awaken all types of spiritual doors. Diamond promotes incredible power improving emotional growth and love energy by attracting self respect, self love and unconditional love for yourself and others around you.  

Diamonds hold a very powerful energy that many people take for granted it but when one taps into its energy they will find that it greatly enhances inner vision. This occurs by allowing one to see how much love and tenderness one receives from others and the world itself. Its a gem of great power not just because of what it represents but what it channels within our body by granting positive emotions, clarity, humbleness, tenderness, affection, and love. All of the good emotions that make us as humans, human.  


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