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Science & Origin of Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper is a silicon dioxide mineral and a variety of Quartz that crystallizes in mass formation. It is found alongside other colored varieties of Jaspers and commonly gets its color from iron impurities. Its yellow hues can range from extremely dull and nearly colorless, to a bright vibrant golden color. Yellow Jasper is very easily carved and has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 making it a popular crafting stone for a variety of shapes. This mineral is very common and can be found on nearly every continent of the world with a majority of specimens coming out of Brazil and India.

Meaning & Energy

Yellow Jasper is a vibrant stone that ignites creativity and translates our dreams into tangible actions. Ideal for manifestation, it acts as a magnet, drawing our deepest desires closer. When engaging with this crystal, visualize your goals as already realized, reinforcing to the universe that you hold the reins of your destiny.

Yellow Jasper

Meditating With Jaspers

You can try meditating with multiple jaspers along your chakra column to enforce their energies and channel the vibrations directly into your spirit. Working with these other crystals alongside your Yellow Jasper can help push you to take control of your life path. This redirection pushes away the stress and uncertainty allowing for a clear-headed mental space to make meaningful and prosperous decisions.

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