Black Onyx Tumbled

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Black Onyx is a stone formed by deposits of silica within gas cavities of lava. Protective, and purifying energies pour out of this stone when being channeled, making it one of our favorite stones to work with after a long, draining day.

Categories: Tumbled Crystals

When meditating with this stone we recommend placing a piece on your third eye or simply in front of you. When looking to active one’s psychic abilities, Onyx can assist in opening a channel to higher...Read More About Onyx

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It's so smooth, and evenly black all around. Very happy to have this crystal. It feels so nice to just roll it in my fingers. I bought it because of it's protective qualities. I've just started to learn how to read cards; tarot and oracle. My biggest block was the religious taboo against this art that I grew up with. I've since learned that cards are simply a communication tool. To help take away any fear of dark forces, along with prayers for protection. I leave my onyx right next to my beautiful card decks. I've done numerous readings for my daughter that have been spot on. Very grateful for this crystal. It's beautiful and as far as I'm concerned, it works. Thank you.

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