Midnight Lace Obsidian Wire Wrap #1

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Deep Meaning

Aside from Midnight Lace Obsidian containing all the properties of normal Black Obsidian, it also promotes etheric and psychic protection. During these deep meditation sessions when your consciousness becomes elevated, one must also bear in mind the protection needed when crossing different dimensional planes. As we begin to open ourselves up to higher knowledge and new found energy, we are also exposing ourselves to the unknown. It’s important to have protection talismans with you, especially those that vibrate at such high frequencies. That is exactly what Midnight Lace Obsidian does when one is able to successfully tap into its energies. We recommend carrying it with you daily and becoming more comfortable with every aspect of this stone. Channel it’s energies and constantly cleanse it as it is a heavy energy absorber. Midnight Lace acts as a sponge and soaks up all negativity attempting to attach to your aura. Consider it a shield!

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