Best Crystals for Safety and Protection While Traveling

Everyone should travel when they can. So many opportunities open up when you experience different cultures and think outside the box. As enriching as travel can be, though, some people get nervous about going so far away from home. Airplane passengers have been known to take medication to calm their nerves. Other folks might even have a cocktail or two at the airport.

Unfortunately, the effects of these things wear off, often leaving travelers feeling worse than they did before. On the other hand, crystals can provide calmness and healing that never goes away. Adventurers should read about the best crystals for safety and protection while traveling if they have a trip coming up.


Malachite is known as the guardian stone. The stone takes away negative energy, so passengers who are nervous about flying can hold one of these stones in each hand when the plane takes off. Malachite will calm them down and reassure them that they’ll get to their destinations safely. Old lore states the stone will break if an accident is about to occur.

The stone also provides balance on all levels, allowing people to be open to new traveling experiences. Malachite can also help adventurers deal with jet lag because it helps users adjust to change more easily.


People often refer to rhodonite as the stone of love. So why would it be helpful to hold this stone while you’re traveling? Rhodonite is an emotional balancer. The crystal can alleviate anxiety and allow users to open their hearts to new experiences.

This stone is also perfect for people traveling with romantic partners. Rhodonite will settle little arguments between lovers on a trip. For this reason, travelers should place the stone on their nightstands upon entering their hotel rooms. They’ll have fewer arguments and more time to enjoy the sites around them.


Moonstone is the ultimate travel stone. It has a spectrum of light within it, so it’s uplifting, like a rainbow. In addition, the stone has been known to protect people flying over bodies of water.

Another remarkable ability of the stone is that it helps people build stronger connections with themselves, rejuvenating travelers’ inner spirit so that they can be open to whatever experiences come their way. Moonstone also improves intuition, so adventurers will know where to go and what to stay away from.


People refer to saussurite as the transformation stone. Essentially, the stone helps travelers discover their hearts’ desires. People using the stone no longer make decisions based on their conscious minds; rather, the saussurite will open up their hearts so that they can do what they actually want to do.

The stone is also known for giving people fresh starts. By meditating with saussurite before traveling, people can embark with blank slates. This presents them with the perfect opportunity to embrace other cultures and experiences.

Noble Shungite

Noble shungite is different from traditional shungite because it acts more quickly. The stone is incredibly powerful, and some users can feel its restorative abilities by simply touching it. Others may need to go through deep meditation to get the same effect. Noble shungite can relieve stress while you’re traveling by collecting all the negative vibes around you and replacing them with positive energy. What’s more, the crystal can also cure chronic fatigue, so travelers struggling with jet lag may want to put it in their pockets. Another amazing feature of the stone is that it can help individuals adjust to new environments.


Morganite is one of the most unique crystals on our list. The stone can help adventurers open their hearts and let go of negativity. Certain activities, such as getting on a plane, looking for luggage, and figuring out where to go, can cause severe anxiety for people going on trips. Morganite will help these people acknowledge these feelings rather than invalidate them. By acknowledging their emotions are real, one can start to move past them. The stone also helps travelers in times of distress so that they can open their hearts and experience new things.


Another one of the best crystals for safety and protection while traveling is cinnabar. Cinnabar connects people’s root and spiritual chakras. By tapping into both of these elements using the stone, one can discover a new sense of self. People’s decision-making abilities will improve because they’ll be thinking from their spirits instead of with their distracted minds. Additionally, cinnabar helps one take control of their actions. The stone can help travelers take control of their own destinies so that they can have richer experiences wherever they go.


Turquoise is a beneficial stone because it helps individuals speak their minds. Shy travelers who are too nervous to ask for directions should carry one of these crystals with them. They’ll go from being embarrassed tourists to confident adventurers. Turquoise is also an emotional balancer, making it perfect for passengers heading to new destinations. The stone will release stress connected to the emotional body so that one can better appreciate their surroundings. Finally, the crystal can bring individuals closer to their truer selves so that they can have the best trips possible.

Traveling can be nerve racking, especially in these uncertain times. Sometimes, taking medication to calm down only leaves people feeling groggy. For this reason, individuals should try using crystals to ease their travel-related worries instead.

There are several crystals that can aid people going to new destinations. Future travelers can find these dynamic stones and more at Crystal Council. Anyone looking to buy crystals online should take a look at our collection today. We have information on our website describing each crystal and the properties associated with them. We want our customers to have the most accurate information before purchasing.

We’re proud to offer plenty of crystals that can ease travel anxieties. People carrying these stones in their pockets will feel calmer, more confident, and better able to speak their minds. No one should underestimate the restorative powers that crystals bring to the table.

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