Crystals for a New Home

A new home is a right of passage for most of us.  It can commemorate a fresh start, a new job, beginning a family, or stepping into a new phase of life.  Homes carry with them lots of energy or past stories and narratives from the previous occupants. As the old adage says, “If these walls could talk…” Even with a newly built home or apartment, we want to usher in the feelings, energy, and lifestyle we would like.  In such important shifts, it can be extremely beneficial to unpack your crystals first!  Crystals can help bring in the type of energy and emotional climate that we would like associated with our new homes.  Let’s talk about what crystals you can incorporate into your home decor:


A home should feel safe.  Particularly if you’ve moved from a setting that made you feel insecure, crystals like black tourmaline or black kyanite can set a protective boundary around your home.  I like to place some above my front door for this exact purpose. 


Moving can feel very hectic and scattered.  To bring the energy back down and provide some balance, consider some Aragonite or Shiva Lingam.  Consider placing them in the room that has the most activity, such as the kitchen or living room.


New homes can always benefit from a little extra love.  I once heard a story of a family that found an entire crystal grid in a crawl space of the basement; that grid was composed of Rose Quartz.  Rose Quartz not only elevates our relationships with others, but also reminds us that home is where care for ourselves.


Home is where we regroup and replenish.  To achieve a more peaceful home, consider placing Amazonite in busier rooms like a living room, or in bedrooms to encourage restful relaxation.

When placing these crystals, it may be helpful to do a bit of cleansing.  To remove old energies and negative vibes that may linger from past tenants, cleanse the home with palo santo or sage smudging.  I have even smudged new cars in order to remove the past stories and energies of the previous drivers.

Do you have a housewarming to attend? Consider picking one of the above crystals and packaging it with sage, some essential oils, and a plant in order to pass along the gift of a fresh start.  

Wishing you a home full of joy, warmth, and calm.

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