Root Chakra Healing Stones

Alleviate stress, quell anxiety and set the tone for stability with the help of root chakra healing stones.  Root chakra healing stones such as Hematite, Black Tourmaline and Petrified Wood assist the body in releasing negative energy, while creating a stable foundation for the entire body’s energetic system.

Root Chakra 101

The Muladhara, or root chakra, is the first chakra of the energetic system, and is located at the base of the spine.  The first chakra establishes a foundation of safety, stability and security for all other subsequent chakras.  The root chakra is associated with the Earth element, the color red, and the mantra LAM.  The adrenal gland, skeletal system, muscular system and the lower body are all ruled by the root chakra.  Signs of an unbalanced root chakra include anxiety, insecurity, financial instability, fear and extreme eating habits.  Fight or flight mode, excessive hoarding and the inability to set and maintain boundaries are also symptoms of an unbalanced root chakra.  Signs of a balanced root chakra include the ability to set boundaries, strong life force energy, a nourished physical body, stability and the ability to be rooted in the present moment.

Hematite encourages the release of old habits, overindulgence and addictive behaviors.  This stone protects the aura, enhances survival abilities and amplifies personal magnetism.  Working with Hematite when healing past life trauma or exploring shadow work helps to alleviate anger, sadness or other negative emotions, creating flow.  Hematite’s ability to ground the body by anchoring the soul makes it a must-have for astral travel, as well as those who experience depersonalization.  

Black Tourmaline’s ability to transmute low vibrational energy provides a feeling of relief.  Renowned for its ability to protect one from psychic attack, curses and negativity from outside parties, black tourmaline provides sturdy energetic protection.  Radiation, cellphone emanations and electromagnetic disturbances are also blocked from the body’s aura when this stone is used. Black Tourmaline balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, providing clarity and harmony.  This stone also balances the masculine and feminine energies within the body, creating a neutral synergy that works harmoniously.  This stone assists with the release of limiting beliefs, past trauma and negative thinking.  Black Tourmaline is exceptional for assisting with the balance of practical spending and encourages neutrality.  Place a piece of black tourmaline in your garden’s soil to protect plants from pests, and amplify their life force energy!  

Petrified Wood helps one root deeply into Mother Earth.  This fossilized ancient wood specimen is useful for those seeking a structured foundation, and helps to heal the root chakra by encouraging strength and fortitude.  Working with Petrified Wood introduces ancient wisdom, assisting with past life recall and encourages past life healing.  Releasing past life energy can assist one in grounding more into this physical reality.  Earth energy activates, grounds and balances the lower body, encouraging human embodiment on the physical plane.  Petrified Wood also helps release ageism and negative connotations relating to the aging process.  The gentle energy that resonates from Petrified Wood assures the root chakra that all is well and natural in the cycles of life.

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