Self-Protection, Boundaries & Crystals

When looking through the different purposes crystals will serve, ‘self-protection’ is one of the more popular categories. These crystals are meant to help create a barrier between outside energy and ourselves so that we can feel respected, safe, and healthy. Us psychologists have a different word for it: boundaries.

Boundaries is my favorite b-word. Boundaries can be physical, emotional, and spiritual - often a boundary is all three. Clearly delineating where your space is in a crowded plane is a physical boundary, but also sends the emotional message that we deserve to take up space. Asserting that our alone time is for a party-of-one gives us the room, but also creates an emotional boundary stating that our mental health is a priority. Boundaries are what protect our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health- and unfortunately, they can take work to develop.

Admittedly, my boundaries used to be far too flexible. A born people-pleaser, I did not always stand up for my own needs I needed because I hated to disappoint others or deal with conflict. My struggle to stand up for myself was rooted in three different areas that needed boosting: self-love, strength, and protection. Luckily, there are crystals to help with each one:

  • Self-love: a lack of boundaries is often due to a lack of confidence. When I did not feel confident that I deserved to separate my energy from something or someone toxic, my boundaries got incredibly blurred and I would give much more than I received. Developing more confidence and self-esteem was a major step to developing my boundaries. For a full post on self-love, check out this post from July. Crystals to assist with this include Rose Quartz and Amazonite.

  • Strength: sometimes it is difficult to assert a boundary because we fear the after-effects. As someone who dislikes conflict, I’d often sacrifice my own wellbeing so that I could avoid a fight. When I felt strong, I was able to stand up for my needs. Some crystals that have your back? Tiger Eye and Smoky Quartz are here for you.

  • Protection: when working on our boundaries, it is helpful to boost our energetic walls. Crystals meant for protection help develop those boundaries and reinforce them. Some crystals to consider are Amethyst and Garnet.

Once you have your crystals, there are several options for how to use them. Here are a few ideas for where to start:

  • Meditate with your crystal. Holding the crystal while you sit or lay, imagine the crystal’s protective energy radiating out and enveloping you. With each breath in, imagine that energy wall getting stronger and more impenetrable. Take this powerful imagery with you throughout the day and envision it whenever someone or something attempts to break down your boundaries.

  • Place crystals in rooms or locations that you feel like you need some more protection. Place them in your workplace for increased boundaries around work demands. Place them near home offices or where you charge your electronics to help create boundaries between work and home. If you need more you-time at home, place the crystals in the location where you would like to spend that time in order to create that protective boundary.

  • Need help with boundaries on-the-go? Carry your crystals in a pocket or purse. When faced with an opportunity to set a boundary, hold the crystal to feel its energy, which can give you the courage to draw that line. Psychologically, it acts as a physical reminder that you deserve those boundaries and protection. In both senses, it’ll provide some support to make the choice that is best for you.

Crystals help with the process, but there may still be those who react negatively to your boundary-setting; those tend to be the people that benefited most from our lack of boundaries. When developing self-protection and boundaries, the most important reminder is that just because someone doesn’t like it does not make them wrong. You are so worthy of balance and self-love. Your crystals have your back.

Diana Fuller is the host of Watered Grass, a podcast that introduces different self-care services and strategies. She is also a children’s yoga instructor and co-founder of Self & Sisters, a self-care platform for women. You can find out more at and


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