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Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a translucent stone that gets its wispy hints of  brown from being exposed to underground radiation giving the Quartz a punch of celestial vibration.  

The properties of the crystal allow the user to become stable and grounded to reconnect back to the earth. It centers one's energy, anchoring the user to the earth while keeping the heart and mind aware of the celestial world. 

The crystal will also give the user a burst of confidence by helping to achieve goals and move froward into clarity and letting go of negative emotions or a panful past allowing one to be more understandable and asured in life. Its a crystal that can help purify negative energy.

In everyday life you can use Smokey Quartz to absorb radiation from electronics. Try placing it in the home or at work to protect your space from the rays of radiation. For the body, this crystal will do its best to eliminate toxins and eliminate waste not needed within the user. People receiving radiation treatments can benefit from the Smokey Quartz's absorbing properties. Place the Smokey Quartz in areas of tension, feel the healing properties infuse with your body, and let the energy flow.

To get the most of Smokey Quartz's properties and healing energy, program the crystal with specific intentions that will serve as the seed that creates the future. Hold on tight to a Smokey Quartz and protect yourself with its grounding detoxifying effects. This is a powerful crystal to have in your collection. To clean the crystal dip it in warm salt water and use sage to purify the quarts. To recharge the crystal place it in a pyramid charger and bring it outside in a bright sunny day. Smokey Quartz can be found around the world in places like Brazil, Madagascar, Australia, Switzerland, and in our own backyard USA (Colorado, New Hampshire)     

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