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Marcasite is an iron sulfide that is chemically the same as Pyrite but is lighter in color, grows differently, and decomposes easier (it cannot be cut for gems as it powders easily). Energetically, Pyrite aids one in manifesting their dreams by putting thought into action while Marcasite allows one to see where they are stuck in life and encourages them to find a path forward in co-creation of their ultimate destiny. Marcasite varies from a brass-yellow to silver-yellow color and crystallizes in multiple forms. It is found in most places around the world.

Although it is a generally grounding stone (working closely with the earthstar, root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras) Marcasite activates one’s ability to see both the spiritual and physical worlds in great depth. Viewing both of these worlds in such depth allows one to see how they intertwine and how the physical world mirrors the spiritual. This is generally presented in the many patterns which are mirrored into physicality, giving one clues for which physical actions are necessary to take for one to resonate with the spiritual patterns they wish to mirror. The grounding vibrations of Marcasite draw one’s energy into the physical, increasing strength and stamina. This also aids in keeping one disciplined in physical activity. Marcasite helps one to become unstuck from the density of the physical realm, aiding them in co-creation of their true destiny. This is where one is able to take what they see in the spiritual world and physically manifest it into reality. These properties are of great assistance in keeping a spiritual mindset as one walks through life.

Marcasite is helpful in balancing the polarities within one’s energy system. It aids in keeping a dynamic balance that is able to remain strong through the many shifts that can occur within the energy body. It is able to clear the auric field of negative influences and can activate the fire element (through its sulfur content) which is able to burn away any blockages that may be keeping one stagnant. This has an incredible effect on both the physical and energetic bodies, stimulating the areas which were previously blocked. The vibrations of this stone also remove constricting patterns in the chakras and cleanse the auric field from negative, psychic, or entity attachments. It is especially helpful in becoming unattached from those whom one may have unhealthy relationships with. It protects one greatly by preventing psychic leaks and keeps wandering energies and entities away from any holes in the auric field. Altogether, Marcasite provides one with the balance and protection necessary for optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health.


Marcasite‘s connection to the lower three chakras gives them a strong link to the earthstar (the chakra below one’s feet). This link provides a powerful enhancement and balance to these chakras, charging them greatly so that one may feel empowered. It optimizes one’s life force, willpower, courage, creativity, sexual energy, and mental clarity. The heart and upper chakras also greatly benefit from this link as it gives them more energy to work with, bringing one greater enthusiasm in all pursuits whether inward, or outward.

Marcasite aids emotionally by reminding one that they are responsible for their own reality, and in turn strengthening one’s co-creative abilities. It teaches one that by denying responsibility, we are also denying our own power to create better situations for ourselves. This helps one to express their limits, boundaries, and decisions in a healthy manner so that they may escape/avoid a victim mindset. It also provides one clarity regarding gender issues. Marcasite empowers the emotional body and protects one from emotional burnout and exhaustion in difficult circumstances.

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