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Science & Origin of Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron is a special combination of stones that can only be found in Western Australia. The stone consists of banded layers of Hematite, Red Jasper, and Tiger Eye. Tiger Iron is one of the oldest stones we’ve ever worked with, being formed more than 2.2 billion years ago. This unique stone was formed by Iron bearing Quartz (Tiger Eye & Jasper) replacing the mineral Crocidolite. The name derives from the inclusion of Iron and Tiger Eye, with Tiger Eye and Red Jasper being members of the Quartz family. Most Tiger Iron on the market is sold as palm stones, tumbled pocket stones, small obelisk carvings, as well as beautiful jewelry. Although this mineral is rare, it's very common for jewelers to cut and cab this stone due to it having a similar hardness to Quartz.

Meaning & Energy

Tiger Iron is a very powerful stone, combining 3 mineral’s energies into one. Our root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras become activated and aligned when working with or carrying this stone. When these chakras are open and working together, we are reminded that anything in this world is achievable through focus, hard work, and dedication. The Hematite within helps keep one’s thoughts and ideas grounded while keeping your mental state clear. By having a clear mind you will become much more open to ideas and how you can use them to affect your life. Hematite is like a magnet and attracts similar energy to that in which you radiate. Red Jasper’s energies help increase your strength, focus, determination, and endurance. It fully roots us down to Earth, pushing us into physical action to get things done. This stone reduces that inner procrastination that leads to ideas, projects, and goals never coming to fruition. Seeing this over a long period of time will gradually reduce ones confidence in themselves and their overall abilities. That’s where Tiger Eye comes in! Tiger Eye is such a powerful stone and will imbue your aura with endless rays of self-confidence and strength. Tiger Eye quite literally gives you the “eye of the tiger”, making any dream or idea possible. This special Quartz mineral will activate one's personal will and help them stay focused on the task at hand. One may feel a strengthened connection between themselves and they’re work, which can sometimes be the feeling they’ve been missing for so long. These 3 minerals and their abilities make Tiger Iron the highly sought after stone it is today! 

Tiger Iron

If you are someone who has a workshop, a desk job, or a studio of some sort, we recommend filling that space with as much Tiger Iron as possible. These stones will constantly be providing your environment with positive energy that can be channeled into your important work. We highly recommend this stone to anyone who works in the music and art fields as well. Tiger Iron helps in releasing our inner most creative vibrations so that they may flow freely throughout the body. These vibrations will only become stronger and easier to activate the more you use them. It's important to treat your creative side like a muscle, working it out constantly to keep it growing. When we stop working out, we slowly lose our muscles, the same way our creativity eventually becomes dormant.

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