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Science & Origin of Pyroxmangite

Pyroxmangite is a high-temperature, low-pressure polymorph of Rhodonite that crystallizes in the form of masses and tabular crystals. The color can range from light pink and red to a rich, chocolate brown. It was discovered in 1913 by William E. Ford and W. M. Bradley and was incorrectly assumed to be a Manganese member of the Pyroxene mineral group due to its composition and inclusions of Manganese. Pyroxmangite can be found all over the world with large deposits in Spain, Italy, Austria, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Russia, and the USA.
Its type locality is in Iva, South Carolina, although this material has been renamed to Pyroxferroite due to the amount of Iron and Magnesium found within. Pyroxferroite was first discovered in lunar rock samples in 1969 from the Sea of Tranquility, the location in which the first humans stepped foot on the moon!

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Meaning & Energy

Pyroxmangite is nearly identical to Rhodonite in chemical composition and energetic vibrations. Its energies are centered around the heart & the love in which you are capable of expressing outwardly. This mineral's uplifting energies are potent enough to be felt during short meditation sessions and can assist in the renewal of your spirit, attitude & mental focus. Pyroxmangie pushes you to spread your love outward to family, friends, and the community as a whole! The environment in which you interact in each day should be as positive as possible to help yourself & others lead with the heart, and not the ego. This experience is only capable when you are not only embracing the love, but also giving it forward as much as possible.


To learn more about Pyroxmangite, read our Rhodonite article here:

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