Strawberry Calcite

Strawberry Calcite

Science & Origin of Strawberry Calcite

Strawberry Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral and a newly discovered variety of Pink Calcite which crystallizes in mass formation. Its unique color ranges from a soft, muted pink to a rich rose, thanks to Manganese impurities. Some of the highest-quality Strawberry Calcite is semi-transparent or even transparent. Though it's only been in the market for a few years, it's quickly become popular for its stunning carvings and natural formations. The only place in the world where you can find Strawberry Calcite is in Pakistan, which has also become famous for its discovery of Lemon Calcite and Pistachio Calcite.

Strawberry Calcite vs Pink Calcite

When comparing Strawberry Calcite to general Pink Calcite, there are a few key differences. Strawberry Calcite from Pakistan boasts a vibrant color, whereas Pink Calcite tends to be more opaque with a consistent color. Often, Pink Calcite is mistakenly identified as Mangano Calcite; the primary difference lies in the level of Manganese impurities. A notable characteristic of Strawberry Calcite is its banding, with horizontal and wavy patterns that speak to its ancient formation. This feature is a strong indicator of its Pakistani origin. In contrast, most Pink Calcite has minimal banding, and the especially clear pieces are typically found in a Rhombohedron shape.

Strawberry Calcite

Meaning & Energy

Strawberry Calcite is more than just a pretty stone; it's known for its profound connection to the heart chakra. It aids in gentle self-expression and self-love. To truly help others, we must first manage our own emotions. Strawberry Calcite assists in understanding these emotions, guiding us to what our heart truly needs. Try using this stone near your heart, visualizing your chest blossoming open, ready to receive all the love and healing it deserves.

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