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Science & Origin of Nine Dragon Jade

Nine Dragon Jade, also known as Hua An Jade, is a variety of Jade that crystallizes in mass formation. The color is medium to dark green with brown streaks throughout that can range from beige to tan. This minerally is newly discovered out of the Nine Dragon River North Stream in Hua An County, in Fujian Province, China. The decorative countertop industry was the first commercial application for Nine Dragon Jade and has become very popular in the surface industry. The Crystal Council is the first crystal supplier in America to sell this newly discovered and beautiful Jade crystal.

Nine Dragon Jade

Meaning & Energy

Nine Dragon Jade is traditionally revered in Chinese culture for its powerful symbolic connection to prosperity, longevity, and protection. This variety of jade displays complex patterns and vivid colors that often mimic the graceful, serpentine shapes of dragons, symbols of divine authority and power in ancient myths. It is particularly valued for its ability to foster courage, wisdom, and justice, aligning one's personal energy with higher ethical standards and goals. Nine Dragon Jade enhances health and vitality, acting as a talisman to ward off negative influences and bring about harmony and balance in one's life. The stone's deep connection with the Earth's energies makes it a stabilizing and grounding force, ideal for those seeking inner peace and spiritual growth.

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