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Science & Origin of Pink Aragonite

Pink Aragonite is a variety of Aragonite that crystallizes in mass formations. This usually occurs in iron deposits where the stone receives its pink color from minor inclusions of Cobolt. Its color can range from light pale pink to dark magenta depending on the impurities within. Very rarely will you come across a piece that is purely pink as this crystal usually forms around white Aragonite, Calcite, and even iron oxides. Pink Aragonite only has one known locality in the country of Pakistan. Since its initial discovery, there have been small additional veins unearthed nearby.

Pink Aragonite

Pink Aragonite has a calming effect that can help soothe even your strongest feelings. The stress and challenges we all face daily can sometimes change the way we feel, think, or react to the things we usually love. While this pressure may seem bad initially, it can be turned into a positive force to tap into your inner power and self-confidence. Regular use of this stone can help you stay focused on your life's path by guiding your actions with your heart, not muddled or misguided emotions. Pink Aragonite continuously works to ground your mind and body while reinforcing the connection between the two. By harnessing the power to govern your thoughts and actions, you can summon a clear path of purpose in your life.

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