Pink Thulite in Black Jade

Pink Thulite in Black Jade

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Science & Origin of Pink Thulite in Black Jade

Pink Thulite in Black Jade is a unique combination of minerals that crystallizes in the form of masses with a pink and black camouflage pattern. It is often mistaken for Rhodonite due to its similarity in color. There are only a few known deposits of this material throughout the world, with the majority of manufactured pieces coming out of Pakistan. It is also known to have been found in Wyoming, U.S.A.!

Meaning & Energy

Pink Thulite in Black Jade is perfect for grounding your emotions and expanding the heart. Black Jade offers a very protective an purifying energy to your aura and provides a safe space for you to process your thoughts, feelings, & desires. The vibrations of this stone are perfect for anyone looking to push past inner trauma or external relationships that are no longer beneficial. During this practice you may notice the self-love that slowly begins to generate within. For the first time in potentially your entire life, these emotions reveal themselves as beacons of growth that promote self-care. To learn more about this stone, read our individual Pink Thulite & Black Jade articles below:

Pink Thulite in Black Jade

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