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Science & Origin of Black Jade

Black Jade is a rare type of Jade formed with other dark mineral inclusions. This stone crystallizes in the form of masses and can only be found in Australia, Japan, China, and the U.S.A. It is commonly found cut into slabs, cabochons, and a variety of other shapes.

Meaning & Energy

Black Jade is a great source for transmitting a protective barrier over your physical and etheric bodies. This energetic shield can provide you with the necessary security needed during important stages of growth throughout your life. This Jade variety specifically resonates with your root and heart chakras while bridging a connection between the two.

Externalizing emotions

One bad habit that Black Jade can assist in is the constant need to internalize emotions instead of releasing them out into the open. Although this practice may make you feel safe in the moment, you are allowing your biggest anxieties to control your day-to-day emotions. Black Jade helps channel your inner strength to shift your outlook into a more positive direction. You may feel an overwhelming sense of relief as the constant burden that you carried will begin to dwindle each day. Rather than viewing your hardships as a challenge, Black Jade transmutes these emotions into opportunities to grow and prosper!

Black Jade

Crystal Pairings

Try pairing Black Jade with other love stones like Rose Quartz, Serpentine, or Mangano Calcite to help stimulate your heart chakra. If you are looking to increase your auric protection you can work Black Jade in with other stones such as Black Tourmaline, Obsidian (Black), , and even Malachite.

We highly recommend carrying this stone with you or wearing it each day. It is one of the strongest protection stones we have worked with over the years. Black Jade serves as a great reminder to avoid toxic situations and to lead with your heart.

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