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Science & Origin of Phosphosiderite

Phosphosiderite is a rare iron phosphate mineral that crystallizes in the form of prismatic, fibrous, tabular, and masses. The color ranges in variety such as purple, violet, red, pink, brown, green, and even colorless. Yellow streaks can sometimes be found on this crystal, which is actually another mineral known as Cacoxenite. Phosphosiderite was originally discovered in Arnsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany in 1858 by Alfred Lewis Oliver Legrand Des Cloizeaux. He wrongfully identified this newly found crystal as a type of Hureaulite and was renamed in 1890 by Willy Bruhns and Karl Heinrich Emil Georg Busz. They chose to rename it after the chemical composition of the mineral, with “siderite” coming from the Greek word “sideros” for Iron. Phosphosiderite is very rare and only has a few known localities in Argentina, Belgium, Germany, France, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the USA.


Meaning & Energy

Phosphosdierite is a grounding stone of your emotional body that can help with the daily stressors you may encounter throughout your life. The heavy iron content within the mineral helps activate your root chakra, enabling you to naturally calm yourself with ease and allow the renourishment of Mother Earth’s endless vibrational energy. The phosphate aids in activating your heart and solar plexus chakra, combining your personal will to your most vital organ. This connection is here to channel the most sacred emotions that you carry and push them to be fuel for you to grow and develop. Sometimes the harshest pain that we feel stays with us long after the actual event has passed, and we are left with 2 options. Either stay put and stagnate your development, or push forward and use that anguishment as a source of power. An energy that can not be duplicated, and is unique to you, and only to you. The source of this inner fire is always connected to the love of someone or something, which can then be transmuted into the love of yourself, in their honor. Through pain comes the power that can help you remove the endless struggle in your life that has left you unsure of your future. Find that peace from within and develop the strength to move forward by adding Phosphosiderite to your daily meditation practices.

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