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Sardonyx is a variety of Chalcedony and is sometimes called Sardian (or Sardinian) Onyx because it is a blend of Sard and Onyx. It has bands that vary in color including white and shades of red to reddish-brown (which is the Sard part). It can also have Carnelian banding within it, adding a more orange hue to some of the bands. Many ancient texts say that the most valuable pieces of Sardonyx are black, red, and white. It is found worldwide but primarily in Brazil.

Sardonyx is a very grounding and protective stone that has a direct link with the root chakra. It strengthens one’s willpower and courage while also increasing one’s stamina and self control. This enhances one’s willingness and drive to accomplish what is important to them without hesitation, but also the self control to keep oneself from acting too hastily. It also encourages one to be more adventurous while boosting one’s ability to approach the challenges of life head on (in an organized manner). This stone is an excellent ally for those who tend to get lost in dreams and wishful thinking as it helps them to face the world with great vigor, and to balance dreams with action. It aids in building one’s character, promoting integrity and virtue which also aids one in both recognizing and delivering truth. When worn or carried it helps one to find justice in any situation by giving one greater acceptance of their fellow human beings.

Sardonyx sharpens the mind, significantly boosting one’s concentration and memory. This also enhances one’s ability to absorb and process information. It makes one more aware of any unrest around them which helps one to remain unaffected by it, and to find a way to resolve it without hesitation. It is recommended to work with Sardonyx when going through legal disputes as it will aid one in presenting a clear and concise case and ensure success. Sardonyx is also beneficial to those who own businesses because it provides protection to the business (especially in legal matters) and helps them to remain focused and disciplined. Placing Sardonyx at each corner (and/or at doors and windows) of one’s house, garden, or property creates a protection grid that has been known to prevent crime and misfortune.

Sardonyx is an excellent ally in building and maintaining strong relationships. It attracts friends, good fortune, and love. The qualities that this stone provides one with play a definite role in these positive attractions since it generally helps one to be more understanding, trustworthy, and energetic. It promotes lasting happiness and stability in marriage as well as general good relations between lovers. It is also very beneficial for ending domestic issues and promotes good communication in all relationships. Sardonyx is extremely beneficial to those who have uncontrolled tempers (through the self control aspect) and helps in releasing the energy in a positive way.

Physically, Sardonyx works through the cervical vertebrae and parasympathetic nervous system. It activates the glands, especially thyroid, and provides protection from infections of all kinds. It works especially well with protection from venomous bites or stings and has been known to cure infections from scorpion stings. This stone also provides support and protection to the lungs, bones, spleen, and sensory organs. It is of great aid for fluid regulation, cell metabolism, immune system, absorption of nutrients, tinnitus, and elimination of waste.



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