Turquoise on Quartz

Turquoise on Quartz

Science & Origin of Turquoise on Quartz

Turquoise on Quartz is a rare copper oxide that crystallizes on prismatic shards, druzy crystals, and mass formations of Quartz. Its color is the usual Turquoise hue that you are probably familiar with, but its unique matrix is where the value and energy properties come from. Turquoise is a very brittle stone, but when crystallized on a Quartz matrix, its structure and vibration are strengthened and enhanced. This combination can be found where all Turquoise forms, but is very rare and usually found in smaller pieces.

Meaning & Energy

Turquoise aids in truth-seeking, communication, and the manifestation of expansion. It assists people in voicing their opinions and communicating better with people around them. Anyone who is shy and has social anxiety should always carry a piece when they are faced with uncomfortable situations. Also, people involved in public speaking should wear a piece to reduce the overall stress and anxiety of the situation. Turquoise activates the throat chakra making it easier to voice deep thoughts and opinions you might not normally vocalize outside your head.

Turquoise on Quartz

Becoming One

Turquoise is also a stone of wholeness. It's an emotional balancer and brings peace and serenity to users in times of need. Turquoise heals the emotional body(especially when depleted), will aid in relieving everyday stress weighing down on us all, and will expand awareness of your true self. Anyone looking for higher knowledge and wisdom should work with a piece of Turquoise, as it will rapidly benefit you on your spiritual journey.

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