Actinolite #12

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Size: 3in x 4.5in/ 1.8lbs

Deep Meaning

Actinolite pushes one to release the stress and weight we place on our hearts daily. This mineral helps pull emotions to the surface that one may hold very close to them. Actinolite provides one with the courage and confidence to face these uneasy emotions and find closure from them. When one is able to find closure, you will then be able to move forward with an open heart and clear mind.

We recommend bringing this stone with you when one needs that extra layer of protection. Actinolite is here to provide you protection from toxic energies that come from places such as funerals, hospitals, work, or family related outings. It helps prevent one from picking up negative energies and taking them with you moving forward. One will be able to be in these uncomfortable environments and know that they will be unscathed when they leave. 

Categories: Shapes

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