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Science & Origin of Chabazite

Chabazite is a calcium-hydrated sodium aluminosilicate mineral and a member of the Zeolite family. It crystallizes in rhombohederl, granular, and mass formation within volcanic rock. This mineral exhibits a diverse color range, including shades of peach, pink, red, green, white, yellow, and even colorless. Chabazite often forms in conjunction with other Zeolites like Heulandite, Stilbite, Natrolite, Mesolite, Calcite, and Thomsonite. Its prominent deposits are found in various locations, including India, Germany, Scotland, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Canada, Greece, Russia, Greenland, and the USA.

Greek Roots

Chabazite boasts a rich historical background, tracing its roots back to the ancient Greeks. It was originally named “chabazios” and “chalazios,” first mentioned in the ancient Greek poem "Leri Lithos," attributed to the mythical prophet Orpheus—a celebrated poet, musician, and explorer. Orpheus heralded chabazite's significance in treating physical ailments like snake bites and fevers and in alleviating negative emotional states such as anger. Over the past two millennia, the name of this mineral has evolved. Due to the abundant deposits in Greece and nearby Cyprus, it is believed that Chalazios and Chabazite refer to the same mineral. Louis Augustin Guillaume Bosc officially recorded it as “chabasie” in 1788, and its name eventually evolved into the current spelling.


Meaning & Energy

Functioning as a bridge between dreams and reality, Chabazite maximizes the potential of the 'second brain' – the gut. This area harmonizes physical desires with etheric ideas and thoughts. Focusing on ideals crucial to the soul, it stimulates the sacral and solar plexus chakras, turning visions into reality. This process can lead to the formation of new habits, perspectives, and energies in your daily life. Chabazite's transformational influence is profound, especially given its association with high-vibration zeolites, making an impact from the first meditation session. To enhance its beneficial energies, consider pairing it with crystals resonating with the lower chakra system, such as Pyrite, Garnet, Tiger Eye, Orange Calcite, Hematite, and Vanadinite.

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