Science & Origin of Euclase

Euclase is a beryllium aluminum mineral that was first reported in 1792 in southwestern Russia. Its name derives from the Greek words meaning “easy fracture” which is a trait of Euclase. Its color chart has all variations of blue with spotted green specks, but sometimes has been seen simply colorless. Euclase is a very rare mineral with the best specimens coming out of Brazil, but has also been found in India, Russia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

Meaning & Energy

Euclase is a stone of strength and clarity. It connects the heart to the mind, raising intuition and bringing clarity to your deep self. It’s a very honest stone that wants to constantly bring forth new energy in hopes of ridding unwanted and negative habits. Euclase is also a stone that is able to transmute negative energy into positivity, allowing for that energy to be used elsewhere.


Euclase also has the effects of increasing synchronicities in all our lives. This powerful mineral helps put us on our spiritual path, and once we commit, the synchronicities in your everyday life will immediately increase. All of these events happen for a reason and will soon all come together to complete your spiritual mission.

Crystal Pairings

Euclase effects are enhanced when working with Tourmalines and Topazes. For even stronger synchronicities and higher vibrations of the third eye, Moldavite works the best with Euclase. To cleanse and balance the Heart, while also offering protection, Jet is highly recommended.

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