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Science & Origin of Raquirite

Raquirite, also known as Colombian Shungite, is an exciting new mineral discovery from Colombia, notable for its exceptionally high carbon content. It forms in large masses and closely resembles Noble Shungite in appearance. Distinguishing Raquirite from Noble Shungite is nearly impossible, as their chemical compositions are almost identical.

Meaning & Energy

Raquirite offers protection against low-vibration thoughts, feelings, and emotions, resonating powerfully with the root chakra. Its grounding energy is instrumental in cleansing the surrounding environment. This makes Raquirite an ideal stone for those seeking self-enlightenment or purification of their auric field. The high carbon content of Raquirite facilitates an easy connection with the stone, fostering growth and understanding. It is particularly beneficial in living spaces and work offices, where it can counteract toxic energies that may otherwise cling to your auric field.


Natural Antioxidents

Like Noble Shungite from Russia, Raquirite has been found to contain fullerenes, a type of naturally occurring antioxidant. These novel forms of carbon have been at the forefront of numerous scientific advancements. In ancient times, Raquirite was used for water purification and was a key ingredient in elixirs used by indigenous people of Colombia.

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