Ethiopian Welo Opal

Ethiopian Welo Opal

Science & Origin of Ethiopian Welo Opal

Ethiopian Welo Opal is a hydrophane (able to absorb water) Opal that crystallizes in the form of nodules with colors flashing in a clear, white, yellow, and transparent opal body. The array of colors can be found in red, green, blue, violet, purple, and even a combination of all! This all occurs in a brown Rhyolite matrix created from ancient volcanic activity. Ethiopian Welo Opals were discovered in 2008 in the Wello province near the town of Wegel Tena, located in the northern part of the country. Up until this discovery, 95% of the world's Opal supply came out of Australia. The Ethiopian variety of Opals are generally less expensive compared to Australian pieces. Additionally, the Opal crystallizations from Ethiopia are much larger and can be found in pieces greater than a few kilos in weight.

Ethiopian Welo Opal material is very abundant and can absorb water naturally, making it very easy to dye and alter its natural appearance. You can find this commonly occurring when searching for bead and cabochon formation of Opals. The best way to tell the validity of your Opal is to look for tiny imperfections through the exterior of the crystal as well as small inclusions within its body. The most common synthetic color of Opal on the market is Black Ethiopian Opal due to its high value and extreme rarity (You may have seen it in the hit movie Uncut Gems, 2019).

Ethiopian Welo Opal

Opals in Water

The general rule of thumb is to always keep your piece of Ethiopian Welo Opal in water. This crystal is a hydrophane mineraloid that naturally will absorb water that, if left out, will dry and eventually begin cracking. Its high-flash colors will also begin to lose their luster when taken out of water. Only through the process of stabilization is it possible to keep your Opal out of water while still holding onto its beautiful color. Stabilizing an Opal is a delicate process that involves soaking the piece for an extended period of time (from weeks to years) in a mixture of acetone, epoxy, and other chemicals.

Meaning & Energy

Ethiopian Welo Opal is a soothing crystal that helps ground your energies and stabilize your entire chakra system. This unique mineraloid can provide you with a personal safe space and a protective layer around your auric field, allowing you to process, learn, love, and grow. The passive ability of the crystal is to want to absorb and provide natural beauty at all angles. This is transmuted into your own consciousness and physical body during any type of healing or adjustment period in your life. As your soul begins to change from a survival standpoint to a viewpoint of acceptance, you may naturally begin to draw upon heavier emotions that contain precious and sometimes traumatic events. Ethiopian Welo Opal provides a channeling effect to bring these life-affecting issues to the surface so that you may begin to use them as seeds of growth. It is during this time that trusting yourself and your intuition is of the utmost importance. These transitional periods of your life are incredibly crucial, allowing you to realign with your life path and ultimate purpose here on Earth.

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