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Science & Origin of Sugilite

Sugilite is a rare potassium sodium lithium iron manganese aluminum silicate mineral that only comes out of the deep manganese mines in South Africa. Even though this mineral was first discovered in Japan in 1944, almost all pieces on the market come out of South Africa. Sugilite ranges in colors from lilac, to a deep purple-magenta. The magenta-purple Sugilite is considered to be the most precious, but any Sugilite in the translucent form known as “gel” is extremely valuable.

Meaning & Energy

Sugilite is a very elite and powerful stone and has earned the nickname “ love stone of this age”. It relaxes your mind and allows you to take a step back and enjoy the present moment. People working with this stone commonly find themselves having emotional connections to things and people around them that they hadn’t even realized before. Sugilite is a very “in the moment” crystal and due to it’s power, effects can be felt within minutes for some people.

Sugilite is also a purifier and protecting stone used in protecting you from negative energies in your daily environment. Many people have no idea the amount of negativity that weighs on them just by being in certain environments. Sugilite puts up a “shield of light” that will protect and cleanse any negative vibrations that may come your way. Sugilite will keep your aura cleansed and radiating with light. This stone is recommended for people who have a stressful workplace or anyone who may travel frequently for work and non-leisure trips.


Due to it’s high stimulation of the third eye, Sugilite is also a wonderful stone to meditate and dream with. This mineral will expand your awareness and symbolically show you your journey through imagery you may not understand in the moment. To get the most out of Sugilite while you work with it, it’s best to place it over the third eye and either tilt your head back, or lay down. Many people have even taped a piece onto their third eye before they sleep for extensive dream work.

Crystal Pairings

Sugilite works well with a combination of stones that carry transformational energies. Moldavite is one of the those stones and upon its transformational and synchronological abilities, Moldavite will also intensify the visionary experiences Sugilite offers. Sugilite can be a lot for some people so a grounding stone is recommended for users who are new to working with it. Hematite’s grounding of energies in the physical world makes it the most common grounding stone for Sugilite.


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