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Uvarovite Garnet

Uvarovite Garnet is a green calcium chromium silicate and a member of the Garnet family. This mineral was first reported in 1832 by Germain Henry Hess and was named after famed Russian statesman, Count Sergery S. Uvarov. It is commonly mistaken for Emerald due to its similar deep green color but has a much different makeup and is most often found in druzy groupings scattered across or within other rocks. It can be found in Russia, England, Poland, India, Australia, South Africa, and USA (Arizona and New Mexico).

Uvarovite Garnet carries the main properties held within all forms of Garnet but resonates most closely with the heart. All forms of Garnet are perfect allies for bringing thoughts and ideas into reality as they greatly increase willpower. Uvarovite specifically brings manifestations and abundance into physicality through the heart. Through this connection with the heart it is a very transformative stone that allows change to easily flow in and out of one’s life as the heart shifts to higher vibrations.

Uvarovite Garnet is a stone that aids in healing from insufficiency of any form. This is especially beneficial for those with a scarcity mindset towards their finances as well as those feeling a lack of love, power, life force, or self-confidence. It covers anything one may feel they are lacking, and those feelings of not being or having enough are swept away with the forceful, yet loving energies of this stone.

Uvarovite Garnet specializes in opening the heart, transforming the energy within it, and filling it with an abundance of love. This allows one to realize that everything they need is within them and that one attracts all that they truly need at any given moment through divine timing. Once one opens their heart to universal love (attuning to “God’s Plan”) they may realize that feelings of lack and scarcity stem from the lower physical desires that take root in the heart. This process brings one into alignment with universal abundance, allowing the Uvarovite to do its highest energy work - empowering the flow of this abundance in one’s life.

Uvarovite Garnet is a stone that encourages individuality while also linking one to the universal nature of the soul. It fills the open wounds of the heart which are held so closely and tend to keep us from our fullest potential. This mends the open wounds back together, leaving but a scar; a mark left upon the completion of healing that serves as a reminder of one’s true inner strength. Uvarovite’s energies bring a combination of peace and strength to the heart, making it a very beneficial stone for attracting love. It greatly enhances spiritual relationships and is also an excellent stone for those who spend a lot of time alone as it helps to remove feelings of loneliness, bringing about states of serenity and contentment in times of solitude.

Uvarovite is physically beneficial for leukemia, detoxification, inflammation, hydration, regulation of metabolism, fevers, infections of the kidney and bladder, acidosis, spinal and cellular disorders, and frigidity. It is a very useful stone for regeneration after heavy workouts or injuries as it replenishes DNA and soft tissue, aids in absorbing vitamins and minerals, and supports vitality. Using this stone in conjunction with Moldavite will allow for maximum transformation of the self and increased understanding of synchronicities.


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