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Small Orange Calcite, Green Apatite, & Purple Fluorite

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This very unique combination of minerals was recently discovered in Quebec, Canada. We were thrilled to be able to get our hands on a few pieces. This piece is perfect for any home or altar display

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Learn more about the crystals in this product

Fluorite Properties Fluorite is a stone known for clarity and mental enhancement. Its ability to assist the clearing of negative energy and aiding in decision-making has made this a favorable stone to work with. This pow...
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Orange Calcite
Orange Calcite Properties Orange Calcite is usually found in masses, and is very rarely seen in crystalline form. This calcite variety is usually found within Mexico, Canada, and South America. This stone directly resonates wi...
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Green Apatite
Green Apatite Properties Green Apatite is a variety of Apatite that can be found in chunk and crystallized form. It’s been known to grow off of other crystal masses such as Orange Calcite, pictured below. The finest Green Apa...
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