Restful Sleep Solutions

Discourage nightmares and create a safe, serene environment with the help of crystals. Crystals provide a direct connection to the earth element, and can assist with grounding and the transmutation of energy.  Soothe the subconscious by meditating prior to sleep, intentionally releasing stress, fear and anxiety.  Consistently ritualizing bedtime through meditation signals to the body that it is preparing for rest.

Amethyst soothes the third eye chakra, quells insomnia, dispels nightmares, and can be helpful with dream recall.  This stone is especially beneficial for those experiencing recurring nightmares.  Amethyst balances the energy of an environment, transmuting negativity and dense vibrations.  Placing Amethyst by the bed brings peace, harmony and comforting energies.
Smoky Quartz helps to alleviate stress, nightmares and fear.  This stone is protective, transmutes negative energy into positive energy, and is renowned for its grounding and cleansing abilities.
Blue Chalcedony assists with nightmares, fear of the dark, and wards against psychic attack.  This stone is especially beneficial for those unable to sleep during times of political unrest.  Blue Chalcedony's gently uplifting healing energy boosts feelings of optimism and flexibility during change.  Long considered useful, Blue Chalcedony was prescribed to those diagnosed with hysteria, illusions and fantastical ideation in the 16th century.

Lepidolite's gentle yet powerful energy is beneficial for depression, anxiety, nightmares and stabilizing moods.  This stone brings balance and can be utilized to grid the bedroom.  Lepidolite provides emotional relief when one is feeling overwhelmed.

Nuummite can be programmed with the intention to quell insomnia.  Also known as the Sorcerer's Stone, Nuummite is believed to be the oldest mineral on earth.  Nuummite is helpful during transitional periods to ease stress, can be utilized to amplify intuition during meditation, and strengthens the aura.
Petrified Wood is beneficial for those experiencing disturbed sleep patterns.  The grounding effect of Petrified Wood helps to create a secure environment to fall asleep in.  Petrified Wood cleanses all chakras.
Add a slice of the moon to your room with Selenite.  Selenite is beneficial for alleviating dense vibrations, invoking clarity of mind, accessing angelic realms and ensuring a peaceful atmosphere.  Grid the bedroom with Selenite to sanctify the space, or pair Selenite with another crystal to amplify its properties.  This high vibrational crystal may be too stimulating for some; if so, add a grounding stone to level out the energy.  Placing Selenite on a dresser or bedside table, and a Black Tourmaline specimen by the base of the bed helps to bring balance, peace and protection.  Desert Rose Selenite's gentle dispersion of healing energy may also be relaxing, especially when placed on a nightstand.

Soothing Herbs For Rest
Pair crystals with herbs and place under pillow; can also be placed on the bedside table.
Poppy Seeds

Additional Methods

  • Cast a protective circle around the bed with herbs and crystals; one can also visualize a protective circle.
  • Place Rosemary plants in the bedroom to ward off nightmares.
  • Invoke protection from nightmares by reaching out to Archangel Michael and/or Archangel Gabriel to watch over you as you sleep.
Crystal Work Herbs

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