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Science & Origin of Chocolate Calcite

Chocolate Calcite is a newer Calcite discovery from Pakistan that has only been found in mass formation. Its color can range from light brown with white undertones to a very dark-coffee brown. This crystal can commonly be found in a variety of shapes and sizes including tumbled, slabs, palm stones, and towers.

Meaning & Energy

Chocolate Calcite resonates directly with your root chakra to help ground your physical and emotional bodies. This is extremely important when looking to grow, as you push yourself to new heights. With a clear, level head and a grounded intuition, you will be able to make concise and constructive decisions.

Chocolate Calcite

Inner Passion

This stone of courage and creativity assists in stimulating your lower chakra system as well in hopes of jumpstarting your internal passions. You can feel a strong connection to earth when holding or meditating with Chocolate Calcite. It is a great stone to turn to when looking to unwind after a long, chaotic day. This crystal should serve as an important reminder to focus on yourself so that you can ultimately help those around you. As you begin to grow in life and view each day with a more positive outlook, you will notice others around you naturally doing so as well.

Rooting your chakra system is vital, so try pairing Chocolate Calcite with other grounding stones such as Garnet, Hematite, Isua, Shungite, Bronzite, Mookaite, or Red Jasper.

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