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Science & Origin of Titanium Quartz

Titanium Quartz is the name of a specially coated type of Quartz. Titanium Quartz is man made by placing Quartz in a chamber in which vaporized titanium and other metal oxides are introduced and bonded to the Quartz. Titanium Quartz is the most powerful of all the coated Quartz.

Meaning & Energy

Titanium projects strength, elevated mental activity, and fortitude. The Quartz enhances these qualities and will energize the entire chakra system. Carrying or wearing a piece of Titanium Quartz will make you feel grounded, centered, and energized all at the same time.

Titanium Quartz is recommended for anyone who lacks the day to day energy to keep up with life. The stone itself possess enough energy to turn anyone’s mood around, but will especially increase your focus, allow you to become more confident, and expand awareness in one’s environment.

Titanium Quartz

This mineral can also stimulate the more light sided parts of users such as humor and general enjoyment of life. This stone imbues the user with free-flowing energy and pushes you into a relaxed state of mind. Its greatly recommended to use this time to allow full manifestation of one's’ goals and desires. With the relaxed state of mind the Titanium Quartz brings, you will begin to see how to evolve on your life path and obtain your dreams.

Crystal Pairing

Titanium Quartz works extremely well with Moldavite when used in conjunction with one another. The Moldavite will begin to transform the user while the Titanium Quartz is pulsating positivity in every direction, through all chakras. The Moldavite will also increase synchronicities throughout your day to day life. Things you may have normally missed may now start catching your eye for long enough to understand that there is a deeper meaning behind that episode.


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