Purple Opal Egg Random

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Origin: Brazil
Size: 2in

Deep Meaning

Purple Opal emanates some of the highest vibrations of any Opal we’ve ever worked with. One’s third eye will immediately become unlocked when first tapping into the energy of this stone. Our own psychic abilities come to life, as well as an increase in one’s mental capacity as a whole. This is in part due to the strengthened connection we have with our third eye and crown chakras. This channel is vital for the processing of higher knowledge sent directly from our spirit guides and guardian angels. These messages can come in the form of deep meditation, our own nightly dream cycles, and can even happen with your consciousness still awake. One will also notice an increase in synchronicities once a strong connect between you and Purple Opal have been made. These moments almost feel like “deja vu” experiences, not just coincidences. One must use these moments as a “checkpoint” on their life path. This should assure you that you are on your soul path with all things falling in place right before your eyes. It is vital that you continue moving forward on your own spiritual journey while using the knowledge that’s being channeled through you.

Categories: Shapes

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