Purple Opal (Morado Opal)

Purple Opal (Morado Opal)

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Science & Origin of Purple Opal

Purple Opal, also known as Morado Opal, Opal Royale or Violet Flame Opal, is a variety of Opal that was recently discovered in central Mexico in 2011. It mainly crystallizes in the form of masses and nodules without the usual “fire” one thinks when seeing Opal. The purple within this mineral is actually caused by tiny Fluorite and Silica inclusions. You’ll mainly find this mineral cut into cabochons, although occasionally one may find this Opal variety tumbled.

This mineral was initially referred to as Morado Opal due to the Spanish word for purple being “Morado”. When it began to make its rounds throughout the mineral community, its name began to change, as well as the price associated with it. All Purple Opal from Mexico is the same and should be similarly priced. Oftentimes when new minerals are just unearthed, people will use different names and sell them for a higher value (Ocean Jasper is a great example of this, since chemically it is not even close to being a Jasper). That is why we always suggest buying unique and different minerals from a reliable dealer.

Purple Opal (Morado Opal)

Meaning & Energy

Purple Opal emanates some of the highest vibrations of any Opal we’ve ever worked with. One’s third eye will immediately become unlocked when first tapping into the energy of this stone. Our own psychic abilities come to life, as well as an increase in one’s mental capacity as a whole. This is in part due to the strengthened connection we have with our third eye and crown chakras. This channel is vital for the processing of higher knowledge sent directly from our spirit guides and guardian angels. These messages can come in the form of deep meditation, our own nightly dream cycles, and can even happen with your consciousness still awake. One will also notice an increase in synchronicities once a strong connect between you and Purple Opal have been made. These moments almost feel like “deja vu” experiences, not just coincidences. One must use these moments as a “checkpoint” on their life path. This should assure you that you are on your soul path with all things falling in place right before your eyes. It is vital that you continue moving forward on your own spiritual journey while using the knowledge that's being channeled through you.

Combining Minerals

Meditate with Purple Opal in conjunction with other high vibrational stones. Try placing this crystal directly on your third eye with a Quartz point on your crown chakra. These minerals will begin stimulating their respective chakra while the Quartz is emanating frequencies of enhancement. This combination of minerals can truly propel your inner vision forward and begin channeling abilities such as ESP, lucid dreaming, astral travel and access to the Akashic Records.

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