Purple Jade

Purple Jade

Science & Origin of Purple Jade

Purple Jade, also known as Lavender Jade and Turkiyenite, is a rare variety of Jadeite that crystallizes in the form of large masses. The color ranges from lilac to deep purple, and usually contains white specs from spotted Quartz inclusions. Additionally, minor inclusions of Cinnabar have been reported (a mercury sulfide that exhibits tiny red dots and is extremely rare itself)!

Purple Jade is believed to have been discovered within the last few hundred years in the Bursa region of northwestern Turkey (it is said to have been a stone of royalty throughout the Ottoman Empire). Since its discovery, no other Purple Jade deposit has been found, thus making this stone incredibly valuable and limited. It has become increasingly popular over the last few years with jewelry, carvings, and sculptures selling at all time highs.

Purple Jade

Meaning & Energy

Purple Jade is an awakening stone that not only activates and attunes one’s spiritual body, but promotes clarity and expansion of the mind. While working with this stone, you will begin to recognize your soul’s desire to ascend and “wake up”. This internal effect is directly due to Purple Jade’s vibratory field. It harnesses trans-dimensional energies capable of inducing remote viewing, astral projection, and cross-realm contact. These experiences can be achieved by EVERY single person if the time, effort, energy, and love is put in. We are all well-suited to advance our soul’s galactic purpose here on Earth. All of these effects can occur in a conscious and unconscious state, making this a remarkable stone to advance and understand your nightly dreams.

Contemplate Your Growth

We suggest placing this stone directly over your third eye, laying flat on your back, with slow deep breaths. Push yourself to maintain a clear mental state and allow your consciousness to flow freely in the direction of its choosing. At this point, the intuitive effects of Purple Jade can be noticed by the thoughts coming into your mind. Are these daily thoughts or are they unique ideas that have arisen from your subconscious mind? As you contemplate this question after each meditative experience, remind yourself of the power your soul is capable of releasing into the physical world. Your spiritual mission may not yet be understood, but through the channeling of Purple Jade’s energy field, one will begin to find their purpose here on Earth.

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