Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & All the Clair's!

Intuition is a knowingness that we all have. Noticing that you are receiving information is the first step to exercising and developing an intuitive gift.  When exercised, intuitive gifts become easier to access and usefully utilize.  Clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairalience, clairgustance, and clairtagency are intuitive gifts individuals may tap into.  Although one may experience clairvoyance with ease, that does not rule out that their ability to tap into the other psychic gifts.  Each individual’s experience is notably different, and as spiritual development is not a linear process, one can develop any of these “clairs” at any time they feel called to.

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Discovering new intuitive gifts can be exciting as well as overwhelming.  If overstimulated by any of these gifts, consider integrating grounding practices into your daily routine.  Grounding exercises are soothing and assist in the release of excess energy in your body and aura.  Earthing, working with healing crystals and stones, yoga, EFT tapping and visualization are a few grounding exercises.  Crystals and healing stones can assist in enhancing the following intuitive gifts during development, as well as making the experience smoother and less intense.


Clairvoyance is the ability to receive information through visions of the past or future.  Divine information is received through the 7th chakra, or the crown chakra and processed through the 6th chakra, or the third-eye chakra.  Visual messages often come in the form of a glimpse into a moment or situation, and can take a few moments to develop like a Polaroid photograph.  Those with the gift of clairvoyance are often able to view information like a movie in their third-eye chakra.

Try Working With:

Selenite — Call in clarity by meditating with a piece of selenite.  Selenite is beneficial for working with receiving information from the divine as well as tuning into the angelic realm.  This crystal clears energetic blockages and enhances other crystals.

Lepidolite — Receive information with ease by keeping a piece of lepidolite with you.  This gentle healing stone assists with the decoding of symbols in your everyday life.


Claircognizance is the gift of clear knowingness.  The ability to foreshadow a situation without having any prior knowledge is an example of this gift in action.  Intuitive information may become available to these individuals through direct contact with the divine, ancestors, spirit guides or other entities.  

Try Working With:

Celestite — Encourage a clear connection between your crown chakra and your third-eye chakra with this healing crystal.  Celestite, also known as celestine, amplifies one’s ability to “see” with their third-eye chakra, often resulting in vivid dreams.

Labradorite — An ancient protective stone valued by intuitives for its protective abilities.  Labradorite transmutes energies and can assist a practitioner in maintaining their energetic hygiene.


Clairaudience enables individuals to hear audible sounds from another realm.  Ringing in one’s ears, music or singing, and hearing a voice as if someone is speaking, are forms of clairaudience.  This information is received telepathically and others are generally not able to hear it unless they are also tuned into the same frequency of being.

Try Working With:

Lapis Lazuli — Stimulate your third-eye and throat chakras with this high-vibrational protective stone.  Ideal for working to increase clear communication, Lapis Lazuli is excellent for discerning truths and dispelling negative energy.

Angelite — Connect to other realms and frequencies with this calming stone.  Angelite assists one with tuning into the angelic realms for assistance and information.


Clairalience is the ability to smell odors that are not currently present in the physical realm.  An example of this would be smelling the perfume of a loved one who has passed.  This psychic tool is beneficial for noticing spirits and entities that may be occupying a space.

Try Working With:

Blue Apatite — Expand deeper into information being received and gain further clarity with this healing stone.

Black Tourmaline — Cleanse and protect your aura, while balancing the left and right hemispheres of your brain.  The grounding affect of this healing stone assists those overwhelmed with intuitive information.


Clairgustance is the ability to taste without having indulged in anything.  Tasting chocolate when providing a past life psychic reading is a sign of clairgustance.  Experiencing the sensation of having smoked a cigar when communicating with an ancestor who indulged in smoking is another example of clairgustance.

Try Working With:

Obsidian (Black) — Use black obsidian to sever energetic cords, protect your aura, and cleanse yourself of any lingering foreign energy.  This stone pairs well with smokey quartz.

Smoky Quartz — A grounding crystal that transmutes negative energy and provides stability, this piece assists those barraged with psychic information.


Clairtangency or psychometry provides physical sensation through a clear feeling.  Those gifted with clairtagency are able to touch an item and receive information intuitively.  Information can be gleaned by handling another’s personal items such as clothing, heirlooms or vintage jewelry.  Touching the walls of a house or business as well as driving another’s automobile can also provide details.

Try Working With:

Sugilite — Beneficial for those who experience stress in their surroundings, Sugilite’s “shield of light” helps to keep a barrier between the individual and negative energies.

Hematite — Ground and align your chakras by wearing a piece of hematite.  This protective healing stone collects foreign energy from the immediate environment like a magnet, keeping the wearer clear with their own energy.


Clairsentience is the ability to receive information through a feeling in the physical body.  This gift enables the individual to experience a sensation another person is experiencing; setting boundaries and grounding is a great way to stay in your space and avoid taking on another person’s sensory experience.

Try Working With:

Fluorite — Brings clarity and aids in discernment.  This crystal assists in the clearing of energy from the physical body as well as one’s aura.

Onyx — A powerful protection stone that creates a shield around one’s aura, discouraging negative energy from sticking.

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