Science & Origin of Gibbsite

Gibbsite, also known as Hydrargillite, is an aluminum hydroxide mineral that crystallizes in the form of tabular crystals, masses, tiny concretions, and a spherical botryoidal pattern. It can be found in a variety of colors such as green, white, blue, yellow, red, and even colorless. Gibbsite was named by John Torrey in honor of George Gibbs, a famed geologist, and mineralogist. George Gibbs influenced the mineral community heavily in the 1800s and had the finest mineral collection in the USA all the way up to the 1810s until it was purchased by Yale University.

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This mineral is found in an important commercial ore, Bauxite, which is the world's main source of Aluminum and Gallium. You can find Gibbsite worldwide, with major localities including China, Norway, Brazil, Jamaica, and the U.S.A.


Meaning & Energy

Gibbsite calms the emotional body and helps one flow through difficult thought patterns and feelings. The energies are comparable to that of a wave, as you begin working with it the vibrations begin to build up within. This will help push uneasy emotions to the surface. Although it may feel like a crashing effect of emotions, like a wave breaching the shoreline, it is extremely short-lived and only makes you stronger. You can only hold on to trauma for so long before it begins to have a negative residual effect on you and the ones around you. Gibbsite focuses on the resolution and helps you look internally for solutions rather than outwardly.

When processing emotions, life itself can become difficult, but it is supposed to! Things that weigh on us take time to release and crystals such as Gibbsite sometimes amplify and expedite that process. Once these emotions begin to subside and pull back, space begins to open up within allowing for growth, love, strength, and prosperous energies.

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