Iridescent Goethite (Turgite)

Iridescent Goethite (Turgite)

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Science & Origin of Iridescent Goethite

Iridescent Goethite also known as Turgite and Hydrohematite, is a rare variety of Goethite and Hematite that crystallizes in the form of masses, botryoidal, and stalactite. It was originally discovered in the Turjinstii Mine in Russia by R. Hermann in 1844-1845 and was named Turgite after the mine in which it was found. The colorful rainbow within Iridescent Goethite comes from the mixture of Hematite & Goethite on the surface, creating a thin layer that interferes with light. This mineral can only be found in a few deposits around the world such as in Russia, Spain, Germany, China, and the U.S.A.

Meaning & Energy

Iridescent Goethite is a very potent grounding crystal that activates the root chakra, leading you to have a better understanding of yourself. This stone slows down your environment aiding you in living in the present moment. The Iron within this mineral helps you activate your gut intuition causing you to lead with your purest of intentions. Iridescent Goethite is a great crystal to carry with you each day or meditate with after a physically or emotionally taxing day. To learn more about this stone refer to our Hematite and Goethite articles here:

Iridescent Goethite (Turgite)

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