Science & Origin of Neptunite

Neptunite is a potassium, sodium, lithium, iron, manganese, and titanium silicate mineral that crystallizes in prismatic and tabular shards. It can be found in a dark brown or black color as well as a unique red-brown that becomes more prominent when illuminated under light. This mineral was named after Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, due to its resemblance to Aegirine. Aegirine was named after Àgir, the Scandinavian sea god. Neptunite was originally discovered in West Greenland in 1893 and since then has only been found in California, Quebec, and Russia.

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Neptunite and Beitoite

The discovery of Benitoite in San Benito, CA made Neptunite a very popular and famous mineral. Various size specimens grew alongside Benitoite crystals on a snow-white Natrolite coating within a Glaucophane-Serpentinite schist. This rare combination of minerals has not been found anywhere else in the world, and as of 2022, the mine has been closed for over 10 years due to high asbestos levels. Neptunite has since become highly coveted and extremely valued by mineral collectors and spiritual practitioners alike.

Meaning & Energy

Neptunite is a chakra aligning stone that can help reactivate chakras that may have lain dormant within. The energies encased within this crystal are extremely unique and can help you passively adjust to the natural change of life. It is a stone of compatibility with yourself and aids in the discovery of lost connections. When you are not grounded within your physical self it is difficult to understand your true needs and desires.


Try placing this piece over an affected area and notice a slight heating feeling that will begin, soon turning into a vibratory sensation. This is Neptunite’s energies connecting with you and your physical body reacting to it.

Strong Vibrations

Your body may react defensively when exposed to foreign elements or energies. Neptunite is unlike any other crystal we have ever worked with and can very much so “surprise your body”. If you feel uncomfortable when working with this stone, give it a break and slowly start integrating it into your meditation routine. This stone is very different from Moldavite but should be treated with the same respect for its powerful energies. Do not get discouraged if you feel as though you can’t connect with this stone. Opening up to Neptunite will take time for even the most experienced practitioners.

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