Science & Origin of Pyrophyllite

Pyrophyllite is a rare phyllosilicate mineral made up of aluminum silicate hydroxide. This mineral’s structure does not form any crystals, and instead, forms only fibers and compact masses. Pyrophyllite’s surface in mass form will usually have silver to yellow fan-like structures running throughout. This mineral is usually seen as a light- green to brown-green color, but can also be found as yellow, white, grey, and light blue. Pyrophyllite was first discovered in 1829 by R. Hermann, and was named after the Greek words meaning “fire” and “leaf”. This name was chosen due to how the mineral reacted when it was heated. 

Meaning & Energy

Pyrophyllite activates and links one’s solar plexus and sacral chakras together. Its power helps raise one’s creative and sexual vibrations, while also helping one strengthen their confidence levels. This mineral is perfect for anyone who is suffering from low self-esteem and can help one fight bouts with depression and sadness. Pyrophyllite lights a “fire” within us that warms our core and helps one feel positive emotions. It pushes one to take a stand against the weight they carry daily and fight back against any resistance that continuously holds them back. 


Working with this special crystal can help one channel their ideas they have within the physical realm, and work towards a path to creating it. Pyrophyllite is a “creator’s stone” that's here to provide focus, strength, and vitality for one to achieve their dreams. We recommend setting an intention (your goal or desire) into your stone before meditating with it. As you begin your session, place your piece of Pyrophyllite in front of you and try to clear your head of everything with in. Focus all your energy on your intention and let your mind imagine all possible roads to lead you there. Continue manifesting and and let these inner vision help you realize that anything is possible if our minds are attuned to it. To increase the strength of your Pyrophyllite stone, we suggest adding Quartz or Selenite into your meditation sessions as well. Both stones help amplify the energy of whatever crystal is around them, as well as providing clearing and cleansing vibrations of one's mind, body, and environment.

For awaking ones sexual vibrations, we recommend doing the exercise stated above, but with a sexual intention attached to Pyrophyllite instead. This crystal will help one to embrace their sexuality and become comfortable carrying these energies daily. One must be confident in themselves and who they truly are before they are able to connect and embrace someone else. 

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