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Science & Origin of Ulexite

Ulexite is a sodium calcium borate mineral that comes from the American southwest. It’s known to be colorless or have a deep, pearly white hue. This stone was first reported in 1850 by J.D. Dana and was named after George L. Ulex, the German chemist who first described its chemical composition. It is most commonly found in Boron, California and Nevada (United States), but can also be found in China, Germany, Turkey, Argentina, and Canada.

Ulexite is commonly sold on the metaphysical market as the 'TV Stone', where its fiber optic characteristic makes one able to see an image projected onto the other side. However, there exist acicular versions of Ulexite. This crystal is harder to acquire due to its market scarcity. You will find its acicular shape to be much more fibrous and very similar to Scolecite.

Meaning & Energy

Ulexite activates the third eye and is used to enhance inner visions, imagination, and creativity. It allows you to see the truth and energy you may not have picked up on before. This mineral is highly vibrational and brings about knowledge regarding your true self. Ulexite also activates the telepathic abilities in every person through meditation or deep slumbers. It’s a heavy amplifier, working on a high vibrational energy field which allows for the production of projections. It’s recommended to put a piece of Ulexite on your third eye while asleep or when meditating for maximum potential.


On top of Ulexite’s telepathic abilities, it is also a mental enhancer. This mineral will quicken users’ minds while also accelerating decision-making. Ulexite is recommended for anyone who is constantly studying or trying to memorize things in a short period of time. This stone will allow users to grasp thoughts and ideas more easily and allow for less stress on the mind. 

Crystal Pairing

To enhance the effects of intuitive and creative abilities, add Moldavite when working with this stone. It will also help with linking the third eye to the heart, helping users to see and deal with what may have been weighing on their chest for too long.

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