White Aragonite

White Aragonite

Science & Origin of White Aragonite

White Aragonite, also known as Cave Calcite, is a calcium carbonate mineral and a variety of Aragonite that crystallizes in long spikey crystals and a large botryoidal pattern resembling a cloud formation. The color can range from bright white to a dark brown and can range in size from a few inches to over a foot tall. The most bountiful locations of White Aragonite is Mexico and Spain but can be found all over the world.

Meaning & Energy

Aragonite is one of the most powerful beginner stones a newcomer can get their hands on. Its potent energies help activate and align our entire chakra column to promote inner-balance, mental clarity, and transformation. No matter the color, you can expect Aragonite to boast powerful yet ambiguous energy to overtake one's aura. These vibrations can push one to make a change in their daily life. This push will promote confidence, self-healing, and personal betterment.

White Aragonite

Balance is often a word used in ancient texts and martial arts. This attribute comes from the soul and is the basis of our development. To achieve this, one must truly be in touch with themselves while being able to give peaceful offerings to their surroundings. Through peace comes love, from love comes strength, and from strength comes balance.

Maintaining Balance

We may often find ourselves "out of balance" or "off-center", due to our chakras being misaligned. Reiki practitioners specialize in the revitalization and realignment of our chakra system. If you cannot find a reputable one, we recommend meditating with a balancing stone such as Aragonite. Choose your favorite chakra cleansing meditation and place your piece of Aragonite on the chakra most displaced. Relax your entire body and clear any thoughts that may be lingering in your mind. Take this time for yourself and allow your intuition to identify and dissolve wherever the negativity may be housed. Repeatedly doing so will increase your chakra column's strength and help assist in avoiding any future misalignments.

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